Monsta X

EXCLUSIVE: Monsta X on Looking for LUV and Lizzo

Monsta X celebrated the release of their new album, ‘ALL ABOUT LUV,’ with RADIO.COM by playing a special RADIO.COM LIVE event and sharing details about their own LUV and dream collaborations.
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EXCLUSIVE: Monsta X on Collaborating With Pitbull and French Montana

Monsta X became the first K-pop group ever to release an all English-language album. And since they were going big, they decided to go bigger by working with French Montana and Pitbull.
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Boom, Roasted: Lizzo, Green Day, Luke Combs, Alice Cooper Read Mean Tweets on 'Kimmel'

Twitter is not a safe place to be. The trolls will find you, especially if you’re a celebrity. But sometimes they get a chance to fight back, or just kill them with kindness, in the always fun “Mean Tweets” segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Billie Eilish kicked things off with a comment about her...
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Fans React as Wonho Leaves Monsta X

Monsta X and their management Starship Entertainment have decided to part ways with singer and songwriter Wonho , releasing a statement on Thursday detailing the decision. The news comes after a swirl of accusations for past behavior continued to increase across social media. "After a long...
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Monsta X Continue the Story on ‘FOLLOW - FIND YOU’

Monsta X return this week with their new album, FOLLOW – FIND YOU , an 8 track exploration that finds the K-pop group continuing their hopeful mission of music, bouncing between immersive ballads and pulse-quickening jams that snap expectations. After the success of their We Are Here World Tour and...
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EXCLUSIVE: Monsta X Have a Message to Monbebe

As Monsta X prepare to release a new song this Friday, they have a special message to Monbebe. If you know you know, these fans of the K-pop group are proud and supportive, and the feeling is absolutely mutual. My sunshine, my baby, my light – all words Monsta X use to describe their fans in the...
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EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Choreography of Monsta X

This summer, Monsta X made their way across the country, continuing to spread their brand of infectious pop and effortless dance moves, finding new fans in every city. On stage, as the lights swirl and fog creeps in, the K-pop stars execute flawless choreography. Sliding and snapping and serving,...
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Watch Monsta X Perform 'WHO DO YOU LOVE?' on 'Good Morning America'

Monsta X made their US TV debut on Good Morning America on Thursday, sighing over their level of success in an interview and serving up looks during a performance of their song, “ WHO DO YOU LOVE? ” The K-pop group slid effortlessly into their always on point choreography, snapping hips and...
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South Korean boy band MONSTA X attend the Seoul Music Awards on January 15, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea

Monsta X and Steve Aoki Stunt In Explosive “Play It Cool” Video

Light choreo and flawless outfits are at the forefront of the new visual for “Play It Cool.”
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Monsta X for RADIO.COM

Monsta X and Steve Aoki Share English Version of Hit “Play It Cool”

Steve Aoki is diving into his love of K-pop with another collab with Monsta X .
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