EXCLUSIVE: Kesha Gives Us the Keys to Being Kesha for Halloween

So I got a question. Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement? Checks notes. I mean, do you want to be Kesha for Halloween? Animals everywhere have been dressing as the pop icon for years, but she’s the first to admit that it has gotten tougher in a post-dollar-sign world. “It used to be...
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WORLD PREMIERE: How a Fish Tattoo with Big Freedia Led to Kesha's New Single 'Raising Hell'

“Good people sometimes enjoy doing bad things,” grins Kesha about her new song, “Raising Hell,” the first preview of her upcoming fourth album, High Road . “It doesn’t take away from you being a fantastic soul. It’s just kind of fun to be naughty.” You can feel it course through every inch of “...
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EXCLUSIVE: Kesha Reveals the Many Meanings of ‘High Road’ and Who’s on It

Kesha has seen the light, and she is ready to take you along on the journey. Earlier this week, the singer debuted a trailer for her upcoming album, High Road , promising a return to her roots of “pure and utter debaucherous joy.” Now in an exclusive conversation with RADIO.COM, the “Praying”...
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