7 Ways to Start Preparing For Christmas Now

It may feel like Christmas is still a long way off, but Santa’s on his way, and the more you prepare now, the happier you’ll be on Christmas Eve. Listen to Christmas Classics on RADIO.COM NOW From expert travel tips to gift-giving expertise, here are a few tips to help you get on top of your...
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Dean Martin's Daughter Calls John Legend's 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Remake 'Absolutely Absurd'

John Legend has yet to release his update on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and already the critics are out with their reaction. The latest is Deana Martin , whose father’s Dean Martin helped popularize the song with his 1959 version of the Academy Award-winning Christmas classic. “You do not change...
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Jonas Brothers Announce Original Holiday Song 'Like It's Christmas'

After the unofficial Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey announced on November 1st that the holiday season can begin, other stars have taken notice. Many artists started talking about their Christmas songs for fans to bump during the winter months. Today, we were graced with the incredible news that...
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Mariah Carey Woke Up Like This, Ready for Christmas

Mariah Carey went to bed last night, still wearing that amazing wig from Halloween, and woke up ready for Christmas. Magically transported with her custom Christmas pajamas, Mimi gets a wake up call from the one and only Santa, and “it’s time.” With that haunting holiday out of the way, it’s...
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Friends and Fireworks!

Well, first, welcome to my first ever Nights With Shorty Blog. After months of begging the boss for access to the website, I'm finally here (now let's hope I don't screw anything up)! I don't mean to brag, but I'm patting myself on the back while writing this for being boyfriend of the year (maybe...
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