Wednesday, February 7th

If you tank your next performance review, you could blame your boss..  Tom will tell you why, listen and find out why..


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Yeah ever going to work and as the day progresses you feel like the life has been sucked out of you. Andy your brain just doesn't work well anymore about forty minutes in the work. Oh yeah how long I can cause your forty minutes before yeah he definitely is we've noticed. You know you're not wrong about this they just did a study this kind of terrifying day. They found that the lighting at your workplace. Could very likely eating making you dumber blah why. I think Qaeda though lie eating at your workplace. Could be making you dumb her mind well they've put these lab rats into an office style lighting area where the fluorescent lamps in the flickering lights yeah. And then they took another sitter rats and they put them in daylight. And the rats that were under the fluorescent lights after about a month. Lost 30% of their capacity in the part of their brain associated with memory and learning it literally change the structure of their brains. Meanwhile the rats that were under the bright sunlight. Where pretty much the same at the beginning is they were at the end of the tests there's only one Littleton did it good news about this. It is reversible. So if you change your lighting made you get an office with a win though or you have some more daylight in your routine. Then your brain will snap out of it and that area will grow back. This care appliances school today that's why I made cities and school that's not why I'm tired of hospital and was. Any banging blame at all those cheers yeah it's closed rooms that have windows now is this fluorescent or LEB lighting because I'm the managers changed up colliding in our break room downstairs to LED lights and uses in the rats running around it to god it's two bra right well this is that this is fluorescent lighting that wasn't rant that was sales people left -- hello I'm. They say opening your lies are spending more time outdoors or even putting an incandescent lamp on your desk could help they say all of this flickering. Fluorescent light is just bad for our brain. Yes there's one store that I cannot shopping and for years as I walked in the door just makes me totally uncomfortable and it's nothing for some lights. Can change a thing yeah I I just it affects me that way is the record store now it's electronics store Nokia and I can honestly say it's. I'm of these stores that it's too bright man some of the grocery stores you while candidates like low hanging on the lake but some of the restaurants are way too dark age you're at any NC state right there in I don't know that was stake I'm. Hi I'm on the iPhone flash lies theft and have a DN chewed him restaurant and you pricey aggressive battle at the Albright I don't know I think right either but I still want them to turn one line and how it costs. Us a candle. The data indicated it. Well yeah there's a great steak place when you do walk into it it's almost like you can't see as your are your message but your eyes adjust and it's really a great atmosphere out. And me to cap the mail from to adjust I'm playing Marco Polo. Loves to shop ordinance at the end. The hostess was seeding at some like it can I grab hold your shirt yeah yeah well through here because I can't see it in that's too bad attitude and art not for me I love it I go all the time. But I like if I afford all and we go there I love it. Com and I do I get frustrated if music's too loud and you can't talk I. I don't care about that but that we're off track here I think that we need to go back in navy's 'cause we're expose this fluorescent lighting a delta right now lady that Warrick here you are expected to do your best performance and they're putting you in lighting that makes you almost 30% Dahmer and I've heard that somewhere yeah I mean. I just said it has a few minutes an hour remember where. To turn off that lie it's it's over me and Kate offered at. OK. Okay yeah.