Wednesday, March 14th

What's something you do that looks silly doing it?  Virtual Reality is one thing....listen up and Hawk will tell you the others..


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You know it's not even talking about you're virtual reality. Right lately hockey this rift in five all of is that's the gear for Samsung and of course PlayStation has announced sale so you enjoyed a man. They asked people something that everyone looks silly doing what is something that's. You're actually doing and virtual reality is one thing that people actually doing. It's funny because if you don't see the screen of what they're actually doing ahead of very weird. My daughter plays virtual job simulator a seasoned auto mechanics sometimes yeah as he starts it off bipolar one of those chains that opens the garage door OK so you see your reach out in front of her and make this motion lie actually better hands over the top of each other pulling it chain down and it if you didn't see on the screen what it was doing she looks pretty silly. Say that that was what the number one answers people actually doing a man do you view video yourself. Know he gets out of the seat that we should do that because it is actually pretty funny a lot of it's hard to setup could you do that here in the studio. Eight dead the I can do via pain so what you're gonna do a broadcast live at Tom's now OK okay again that I don't have to give up values and shower that day but. Okay yeah. Good what's this of them look silly do for example when you walk into a glass door. OK well that's something you look silly do that's like that you're doing wrong when you are pulling a pollution door. Okay public silly doing hey have figured out the door and everybody's like in July what did you figure out see you had me going down at told totally different route here I was thinking the things that you do and you don't think you're necessarily looking silly like. When you're making out with your wife or girlfriend now you think you look all cool like the movies that in reality of that Kiki liked my kids OC Meehan my wife kiss and now I stop. Again it does not look cooler sex. I think we look awesome we're like oh man they're probably thinking look at those two those who have guy on a I don't see like you or anybody at a concert on said the accused the government under way at a Wal-Mart. I 63. An air raid. I think that before though to pay their. There in the Anthony Jiabao and obviously no orders and now they didn't go at it it is angle is in Wal-Mart and whatever. The least romantic places I can think yeah if you're together in years everywhere have there way dialogue I will say another thing that people look stupid do it and they don't think they do is working out of the jam ala tiger especially some of those machines not found out I was doing that one wrong that was not above blast but still I mean he is still look dumb even on the ones that you're doing right sometimes Thomas only escalate machine he's doing curls. I was actually on a curl machine doing legs lets. Legs like nice they give an answer let's of the nails. Riding a bike sometimes. Now only you can't just hiding just as. No when their good squads at the gym today on anything at the gently squatting it's really players. Trying on and make up add a different kind of make up at a makeup counter. Are not us not to where I see girls like doesn't look weird I got on Korea. Any of those like the chicken dance it's yesterday in the wedding reception yet and all of a sudden you hit the chicken music come on in my eyes you know. And a man and I mean it's. Can you imagine if an alien civilizations saw us do that and they're like. We don't know why but these these creatures whenever they hear this one song they all suddenly just. Under control of great gather around this era or the floor that's not gonna take over the world yeah I'm Dan was our plan that rog in advance and. Just not even pay his. When you're trying issues and one of them high heel of the other way is sleek flat can you wobble around. She's you can't play anymore you know you're invited guards. I think you're talking like a pirate. Earlier tonight on one shoot at time at that point. You know if you like the second one and we were a child. Oh around the camps pioneered a I. So Felix David and a half. I'm well organized if you're not very fast. Try to be one of the guys who I'm okay.