Monday, February 5th

Tom is judging your bad parenting.....why are you bad?   Listen up and find out what you need to be doing to help raise your whiners..


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Talk and I have a little saying that has kept us out of a lot of arguments. We like to say EU Roy in your kids your way and I'll ruin my kids my way they miss up to now and that's our way out saying that we realize everyone does it differently and that everyone thinks the way someone else is doing it is wrong. My hours and back off buddy. A can. Yeah mine was a little nicer and so. And but I think even whenever you try to be understanding and accepting other people are gonna do it differently you secretly judged. And there's no time that's worse than whatever you see another kid misbehaving. And then you see the parent Hamlet in a way that you don't think is good enough. And Mike keep that secret because I'll go through there on I am judging. You don't just keep walking that really makes a Pam and then okay Cato I'm afraid I get beat up if I did that do bad moms. Our but I did see an instance the other day and apparently was just let their kid getaway was just murder I mean the kid wanted to do something the parents said no the next thing you know the kid does it in the parent lets him do it doesn't say anything more now. And I'm thinking to myself man you socket parent at all well I'm on the day that they told the kid know the kid did in any way and they didn't say anything after that they just let the kid keep doing it you know I'm gonna say what because it would give away where I was an adverse when no I was judging them now. But I it. Did some research on this and there was a really great article on how to handle a kid whenever you can't seem to control them or to. When you're always giving in when they whine and persist kits are experts that persistently whining until you give yeah though. This article actually had five things phrases that you can say to your little liner that will help control the situation. Love this must done one of an X perfectly in public when he comes home. It's dry the opposite in cannot tell people like he's just he's defiant and all that's going to be very help. Okay and he is one we have that with a one our kids to work and we're behaves really well on public young's home not so much to help me out and what you can do balky mighty wanna laminate these and carry them with you look at him when I first start out or just live in public. Are at half half half half and there are the foreign phrases you can use to stock your little Weiner guy. Asked and answered. This is the mother lode although there are five of them altogether this is the one that is best of all. For example the child asked mommy or daddy can I have this you answer no honey but mom I don't have one of these. Asked and answered. You never give me any thing. Asked and answered them today at that point you become a robot's saying the same blissful words over and over again. If you can't say possesses so. That was his old school so I remembered as a since that one almost is that challenges them to defy you because now they're like well you know who are you to say so I'll. Asked and answered those things though it is a ride if you don't like more cry out. Another example of the child asking Nationalists in the nights you say no she just spent the night last week please. We're done discussing this subject now but mom. I'm sorry but we're done discussing this now yeah. Out to stopping those phrases are gonna end that kids don't wanna I wanna ask a key Garland on the new become annoying you're being yourself. Ask an ad Chad I just like the dog whisper it to its owners have to get to the parents in this case. Are the ones who really have to practice so you're saying Julie and I have sent you notes so I'll have that in my list. I worked all sorts I era and outs. Yeah this if it actually does work that's all right here's another one that you're not going to like either this conversation is over. Can I go out right my Biden know it's raining and thunder storming enlightening just hit the light pole across the street. I'll Wear my raincoat it's only sprinkling. This conversation is over. Man. All right you know you'll end it you know on a fund went into I can't talk you're not passing this test Elliott he'll line and one time they wanted again how hot. All right now I get to a couple that I think may even please you guys are right. They ask a question I want the issue is no they cost too much but I don't like the ones you're getting. Listen don't bring it up again. I want the issues you brought it up again you're not getting dessert tonight. But Marat if you say something else to lose another privilege not getting dinner either. Hey mom they failed actress than they did absolutely are younger. And very similar to that yet the decision has been made if you ask again there will be consequences. Tonight on the iPad mom know and you don't need to writer at the table I won't get food on it. The decision's been made and if you ask again there'll be a consequence. But I promise. I told you not to bring it up again now you can't use the iPad the rest of the day. But mom would you like to lose the iPad for the whole week. One more time going in the attic. I'm not a yeah I've. Ugly out and I via they said I think tell what you're gonna do and through the whatever with them like you know this is what's gonna happen if you continue on with this something I'm gonna do. But follow through that's an important part of through that I had figured that out yet because the parents I saw the other day would've followed through on I'm thanks for the U parenting advice this morning well it didn't seem like you like to be very and I she's one of those maybe are you on discussing this artifacts since that's.