Monday, February 12th

At some point, haven't we all dreamed of giving up our lives, getting on a boat, and sailing around the world?  Listen to this latest podcast, and learn why you shouldn't.  


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I mean I've always had a love hate relationship. She loves me and I did well. Stop you playing later as much hates you that's me a step up that meant and she loved me you. Could be at the end I did not take. But it's. One of the reasons why I think we have such a tumultuous relationship is that Heidi and I have a lot in common but we have some very big things that are different Heidi but not the unseen things like dreams that I'm not half half half. Following your dreams that I'm more logical and down to earth where you just always have to be right about everything. I just don't think that's possible of the right about this now. And they. I guess so. Oh anyway this is a story I think it's the kind of story that Heidi a kid and woods like may be even loose and it's one of the stories where I sit back and chuckle and laugh at the people yeah okay. But a couple decided to follow their dreams ion. A couple from Colorado sold all their stuff last year and bought a boat to travel around the world off. As is 24 year old Mickey Walsh and her 26 year old boyfriend tanner broad well look at the it was like old people when they buy the big you know by Z campers here half and I haven't traveled the world on the news today you know on the United States plan to wolf today they were sick of the corporate lifestyle and they wanted to travel the world surveys all the other stuff moved from Colorado to Florida about a 28 foot sailboat even though they didn't really have any sailing experience I longhorn rides. And last year as did the vote was ready so they set sail for Key West one and on Wednesday the boats say. Because they hit something underwater at the cabin flooded and they had to abandon ship they were rescued but the boat is a total loss. All of that now Nikki at and it really don't know what to do they have no clothes no money no step no place to that they. Really have nothing but you know I mean I think I would have gotten insurance. When I did all right oh yeah have each other. I. It yeah. A. I don't think there goes funny they just count on that I don't want people to help out they said that. They're hoping family and friends are gonna prop them up for now. And then they're gonna give and get another vote because Nicky says quote we can't just give up on our dreams now carry ago. Added some time you see that's the kind of the reason why Heidi have a love hate relations because I look at Adam like dollar morons. You didn't have insurance on your boat that you didn't plan for the possibility that this may not go as you thought. When you don't even have any voting hicks is here he's actually and I am sick and thank you know I mean did they not have money TE dawn coming where they just at all I think in a constant thing in the bonus provision that. How can have a motor and it. They're not just rely on sales. Sounds say they're probably learn something from us they don't have money for an expose your dad how much you wanna bet this guy a funny pages in every animal lot of money to get their canoes. Yeah. That is an honest question. If you've ever even thought about which you seal the world I mean now here's what I think about it when I think assailing the world I think hey. Boredom. Can crack. It charts there's just no way I would go I and who even wants to do that and why guys you don't have to be in the corporate rat race that you don't have to go sail around and a boat with two people on it for. Your whole world's beyond. Even when I go around the lake or. And get on ponting and I get bored after about couple hours you with the wrong people on our time. It's well again. -- dollar drink and you know the other rookies when you're drew it is a lot more I think like CNET and do what you said there you know Kenny administered through three but you know it's like watching the fire he watched them you'd though the lottery you just you know mesmerized you just relax and you just isn't runners Allan drinking by deceit Heidi go crying over this goes Aaron however that's worth two hours that are right there. And sufficient that's right now they had this problem on their proxies like I got the bad regularly I am not far. Yeah.