Wednesday, December 6th

Are you known to give bad gifts for Christmas?  Don't be that person this year, listen up and Tom will tell you what NOT to buy this year..


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Heidi this is an area in which you are an expert. So I'm going to calling your expertise this morning Blake genius but I found an article about the worst Christmas presents you can give. God that's a great thing to share with people because they can't make sure they don't have any of these on their list and they can make sure that they don't give bad Christmas presents now I'll say that Heidi as you need to make sure you don't accidentally write this down as your ideas for Christmas. As you have been known in the past to get some pretty bad yes all right what are some of these gifts you gave us a leather case for a walkman or CD player that we own you know I have to just yet on that and answer any of her questions we all know that she's normally give India I know that is wanna make sure that she understands that we haven't forgot. It was a portable CD bag you don't back that we don't have portable CD player who thinks Adler time. Please do comment. Well and you have seen easy anymore I still have a portable bagged yeah. I couldn't even re gift they get back to yield was there I thought at least eighth. And who with the thought she bought the gravy bowl Turk as many as me. Yeah how are you starting to feel like lower talking about well actually did on an ad that list that line at least that you're gonna talk about it. I see their heart out like hey I'm happy I'm here I'm. I gagged and that says that he does now. And here are the worst Christmas presents you can get people and at the top of the list they say ugly clothing is the worst thing you can deal. What's interesting about that is on the list of best gifts. Good clothing is on there so you have a chance to make it big or blow it big if you buy clothing. That person's got to really know exactly exactly chance that did you know they zoo shirt just to get a certainly don't waste your money you know it means mass of Thanksgiving that money can't get in nine dollars and had to tell my parents in the past don't buy me clothes yeah. Yeah like Assad yeah. I think I had one of the worst Christmas is when my mother -- address and and I was like this is beautiful this is straight and then I left it in Atlanta Miami and packet. To bring it back to from your mind. News as you saw that my gosh I was worse I felt so bad it got actually I didn't mean just he's. She's an amazing and Wednesday August next time I'm down names you know we'll let you talk with a psychiatrist about that we're gonna move on to the this hair I have. A toilet street kid is also on the list of bad gifts. I'm not dead sure what that is for like me and they have like you give them bag by bag you don't have finger clippers mounds that's horrible shampoos INE yeah I think yeah. Again not everybody everyone needs to get in and put some new stuff every once and a while I think that's great one of the things they say is don't get steps you think people need to. Well that's one thing there that or tremors and begin it toiletries and OK I thought you someone near you never used. I don't know how warm out you hot hot hot hot hot as it up with idea. I try hot bath salts or a bottle of bubble bath that are considered to be bad although this year I think it is hot thing for those bath bombs and they're kind of expensive. They're like a big ground ball that you put in the tub and ignorance freezes up real big call okay my kids do the bath bombs at totally different way I have to. Explosions. Out right away Sox are bad gifts yet they are. There's really no way socks is gonna blow anyone away I don't thing what about us as a stockings after. You're already in its occupant socked besides socks blown away and they blew my socks off. All right T shirts with funny clever or inspirational sayings on them what you find funny or clever they may not. That means something to you and tell him like or her it's a joke between you two excuse. I guess our. You don't ever want to. Another bad drive does if you give them a movie they've already seen Anna no like outrage in. Lord of the Rings so. Oh my gosh. Years ago some blame someone Damien dvd Lord of the Rings to OK I'm not seeing line. Yes or nor am I The Lord of the Rings Austin had a dvd if somebody wants it offered by line. Alba figgins. I finish scandals are back with our. Yeah. On the list I'll let yeah not everyone likes again those scandals of making your room that you can some people don't like candles. Well it depends on the fragrance too unhappy if you give me something that spills seasonal spicy I don't necessarily like that I don't want you get one at Wal-Mart to two dollars it's one thing we go to Yankee candle he went for thirty dollars and give somebody giggling like a candle light candles that you just at thirty dollars and something they'll like this to the two dollars and something they don't like and about my Yankee candle at Wal-Mart. Protecting us vice I think candles I don't like yankees' most. I don't my birthday candles that's a man and a half al-Qaeda classic on a viable and I got anchored just starts amended so on our road. Whose. Visas makes soap honor row is still uses handkerchiefs. Decided to use a church in little mine and I handkerchief that's how Nadal AD I'd rather have a monogram so thorough. And I alive hates that anxious is like Houston voters in your pocket and added that she has to wash and I don't do it on like it's for tears of joy. When does that ever happen I mean sometimes church instantly and urges special occasion and you handling yours. Think it's the lady in your life hanging fruit and Heidi just six Alexi. I think. Correct me.