Tuesday, January 16th

It seems that women are tired of men harrassing them while they're trying to work out..   Ladies, Tom has a way to put a stop to this, listen up and find out what you need to do.

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Heidi I had asked elated account men because I know that you never turned down an advance from a man so I needed to get someone here who might have said no one's around. We'll have someone health problems pitching. You can't let -- they have so many to choose to run and I saw an interesting story about how women are trying to get rid of hassles from me and when there at the jam when they hear this ally even have Jim's that are only women or their dedicated to making sure you're not harassed by an in law you're there and stuff like that Brad and so I'm kind of curious now Heidi I'm guessing that you pretty much except any hit. That comes along I'm open to you know. Most inning when he's friendly okay. That's a good latest they're friendly wanna talk and I think most men would like to think that's how all the women are too but they're not always that way how about you do Alina. Now before the hour now and after I am afraid to talk all you all but when I'm did that. Also want her to make so you figured it while you're in the process you don't wanna be disturbs me into the gym to work on a I I'm Catholic I said. I guess I'm Jim did it when I didn't it and I I you know I mean isn't it hard yeah. Well women are trying to find ways to keep and from harassing them at the gym and the latest one right now on Twitter is kind of tacky but I can kind of effective today the it was written from someone who saw this happen with two other women and a man and this guy approach these two women who are working out any at his eyebrows all the you know kind of up and like he's flirty and every day. And so the is he started just talked to these girls one of them says. You might not wanna come over here dude I just partied and it's really bad. A guy looks horrified and turns around and leads the other girl goes oh my gosh did you really in the first broke ghosts. No. He just said that to get rid of the guy that Kristi I'm one to come over harass them remember that won't stop all guys it won't stop from all of I don't want it doesn't stop you definitely don't like god I. I am not clear at this and now. You don't really Caroline guy looks at you it doesn't matter if you're gonna see him again than than she felt comfortable things like that takes time you know at the jam he's easily girl and he's like. She does. That's a hitter as the poker right now. And then she gets labeled that girl at Virginia. And nobody Dayton. Friends saying and believe him they're gonna be like he made that up because he got shot down this is she's keys. Girls who really cute and now look at really but I've heard one girl says that she didn't even know how to please. She's like girls don't even know how dire says that the girls not yet met. In the Zia. I'm okay I'm happy I. No doubt that case as far as the I didn't outside and I senator Arlen Specter of any out you just effectively did it to everyone minutes. The senate right Angelina just basically told the all of state I was hearted over there yeah. And of itself Heidi and her trainer in Houston I'll hold her ankles pluses instead is it. You know when they tighten your core I. And I are telling you did. Not yet this year curing. Yeah it's an. It could be that shot and made it blew his hair back in his eyebrows but a tough. Look look so bad as you know that's a tight loud because you're squeezed all and everything. High pitch to them. Our corps was tightened as well now that's my new phrase pummeled by mark for Reynolds went off and no excuse me open alien. Tighten your core loosen your hands and I. Felt like as winded a higher you know trainers that you're not attracted to. Because you're gonna have the yeah. Yeah okay and that's why don't go to the gym and I don't have a lot of moment you don't have that sort of.