Tuesday, July 10th

It's seems that a lot of cities are pretty windy, not just Chicago.  Listen what happened to one guy AND what happened to Hawk..

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A story out of Pennsylvania man who robbed a bank was caught on outdoor surveillance cameras dropping a pile of cash while he was biking. Away from the same. How can I see ought to get some kind of credit for having been the dead as. Please share the video they can spilling out of like big you know his pockets he showed in his pockets you know I'm going on a bicycle networks everything ports there. Classes fluttered out the bag that was down revealing national or different pants and he would let the getaway vehicle the one time arrested along cargo pants yeah. But they he realized what was happening so he stopped is by making them. Got mountains out of his hands experience baffles all the cash he can get away way. And they've not calling it policy. I mean that's terrible. I. It's just funny almost you almost. Cheer for him because he is on the bike since he's the underdog at that point I'm gonna cheer on him like do you go buddy. I you're on a bike you have gone the hard way here blind this can happen new media today. I was Robin a banker in the book that's put in. I was at a drive through. And it was so windy I can't wait to hear us in a tie and you're on nearby can now is known about. And not get his eyes and his that you notice how windy was it was so windy. And I wasn't at Wendy's Wendy's count as at the end drive there and I was paying with cash in on him like. That was like five ones on the yourself. Saw you are bigger and stranger get all the money in as them handing it to him Ali and it. And edges that he didn't have it so it just flutter in the win. And a guy behind me if he Zealand's like I. I get the car at the travelers grounds around trying to figure the ones because that's all the money and Omnia the time. So I looked pretty pathetic as the win this month I've done NGOs all of the parking lot did you get them all together I got four of a madhouse best option on the ground when. Yeah I was pointing meanwhile I'm sitting behind in the Carlin my credit card going oh my daughter now. I'm the guy given him they're going just drop always and I know this and just I felt like an old lady of the day chick I countered. Donor Jake you know did taking her time points to the total and it starts writing this special note that starts rummaging around. It was good times forget. It is funny to see dollar bills floating in the care I mean you won't be the only one that never forget and so the people behind you make you know our I think I think. He got a 'cause it was a welcome got that dollar they have to pass happy there. And in scrounge around to get the change in the end the he's gonna get the different you robot needs to up your allowance. She does. Yeah. Yeah credit card and the publicity that tie in time sort of.