Tuesday, October 10th

Hawk's wife felt like someone was following her while she was out shopping.  Who was it?  What was it?  Listen up, Hawk will tell ya..


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All of my line because she is kind of quirky sometimes. And she came to the other day and said that she's wearing and who deodorant. OK and she says I feel like a stranger's following me all day long because it smells different all around Barack it that's the Irina I think I noticed the smell of my own deodorant most of the time only if file like lay down and having to put my arms or something like that. Do you use the same deodorant the same Sanders and values different plans different flavors why. I don't like during the week Irwin they are every day's a different deodorant but that's weird and I think good of with a lot of thank you for I like different smells and you know buy used the same deodorant I've realized if I use the same deodorant for a long period of time into stops working as a start sweating so I've learned to switch and a different brands that a lot on one line nine I'd say for me they all like I get oil and it works it works well you don't do anything for a long time. I didn't lie you don't know that much data I asked they go on the go all day. Dylan why it paints. I galleries today. How. It's the other and I. Ivy. You've been known to borrow dealer before. Alan I discovered in new when when I borrowed my neighbors theater now is that sport. He has a cat and a hand what it's like theater it's forgot the name brand and yours and here I was like and use a singular most of most of the time OK it did you think your friend would tell you if you smell bad in that area. No but I think you all wouldn't OK let's get pat and I are friends. A Japanese tech companies selling and buys it allows people to self test they're sweaty exteriors for Smale and the pocket size of the old. A detector it connects the team Bluetooth three Smartphone Bryant and got app with it so it can detect for you and your friends nine month yeah. That you smell back that's Drake has deployment check your phones that you'll find out you were stink in for two or three days like I should check that notification. Does it have those whistles go off in case at the countdown to the discreet manner they. Oh it should have won with bells and whistles as you know I was I was shopping recently. And someone walks by me and honestly it was not gonna knock you over and if I had if there was a detector and bells and whistles that person would go I think it's time for me to take about. Okay. So you get a walk around by people and label wander over him and then it goes Ding Ding Ding gang and your right you stink. I have to say the bells and whistles would do that thing you stink being amusing thing is think it's you know it's it's. I don't even understands. But at Cape Town that's our right Mindanao do you sometimes though when you're out in public how do you smell like can use that you just get OK honey she puts her you look at a. Hey Mary Katherine Gallagher yeah. Contract I don't know line yeah this is under the fingers and hurt or accident Smith. Other super. It. Just gives you ended. You don't want had to deal it's movement it's in a woman doing and on the day. And now our nose into her armpit and the. I've done that though. And that's novel safe bomb. Going out. Later I'll will be a plow like sprayed lottery apply you know it's the wind it is it's a different brains yeah. Then when I was in the morning is mixing up new can Cox and yeah that's how you stick in the morning and spray at night. Don't just mean on normal knows you're. At the musty for peace in camps memories. And then I'll put some Cologne home. Now that is an interesting question because and I he put on a deodorant is pretty strong and then you're like was my Cologne gonna go win now deodorant or do I need to by the same brands. Where insensitive I'm nowhere perfect I don't Wear perfume and here they have scented perfume now hot hot hot. And want to. The new unscented. These jewels path to. And when I'm around out Yoder and I've used Cologne desperate and in my on Soledad hurts it burn. But it keeps me dry. I thought that they should make the loans that also make media literacy should deal the your favorite colonial they do deodorant and a gift box usually I had never seen like Ralph Lawler and theater sexy prolong. I.