Monday, August 6th

There are a lot of ways to come into money, but having something valuable is the best.   Tom has a story of something he has that could be worth a lot..

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You know we talk a lot about winning the lottery but there are a lot of other ways that you could come into a large sum of money at one's time one lump sum dislike you for great uncle died. OK that's one way you might inherit and you didn't know that you had this great grand uncle or something I'm going to be some those are tough because a lot of times like my mom had this happened she had some relatives it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But unfortunately. They were so far removed that the money was spread so thin and my mom got like eight grand which was all a lot. But just think of the money she could've gotten as she had been one of the only relatives but that's not the only way to strike it rich. Doubt Beijing may be remodeling your house and you find something incredibly valuable in the walls that's rare but you've read about it. Or are more likely you may find something that you've been saving or someone in your family's been stating for years that turns out to be worth a lot of money. My wife came to me yesterday afternoon with a box of baseball cards song. And I didn't think much about it until I looked up the first line by Hank Aaron card that she had home and I thought pink hair is pretty famous yeah yeah. His cards some of them probably worth a lot of money prime. So I I went on eBay and I started looking at in this car is worth a lot more than the average card it's worth about twenty dollars a hole but yeah. But I thought to myself this is the first car I looked up of a box full of FaceBook Alia. If that's why dollars on the first one yet there's potentially jackpot here home run knocked out part well I went through this whole box of baseball cards and all afternoon yesterday doing this. And the other cards were worth about fifty cents to a dollar apiece lower altogether I'm. I think we have about 21 dollars worth of baseball cards into that box. And that's not count eBay fees. So we're we're probably after shipping I think we made ten dollars I'll allow that's pretty cool it's like on the hill for one person I know Mariah happy meal just pack bottom I'll even though he had had these heard her she used to play softball which he was a kid and so they collect baseball cards and she had this collection that I didn't know about and she hadn't thought about in years and so when she's like you know I got easel cards and I see Hank aaron's the first one I'm like. We're in the money may. But it actually just wasting my afternoon. I'm cleaning out my closet and I find a pocket book that I purchased an estate sale many years ago I am forgot about it a long story short and I have to bring it into they do not remember the name brand. And I bought and I iGoogle that and it's worth. 3000 dollars a year out I'm not kidding you and salary and it showed she could have to get to name brand. I'm like oh my god I have to go through my closet but here's something I just stuck in the back of the closet didn't even think about it I just kind of like it was. Alligator in its old fashioned and as I dislike it it's almost a couple of. Okay well now my wife actually went to a thrift shop and got a Fendi purse that ends astonishing I it has all of the light test bag cover and all that stuff. And then she got hole I think speech when he 54 she Google it and started looking how to tell if it's fake or real pain and one of ours teachings is the wrong color for it. Like whites it's instant browsed it seems that now we've got to fake 25 dollar Fendi bag and one ball the jockey hot from the neighborhoods candidates quality game. I. Thought about playing major surprise. That fan but am now. Well there you go folks it's fun to dig around that I like it rich Heidi dead. Yes Aurilia clearly I'm gonna Heidi today to dig around. I actually closets super hot hot hot hot enough there was honey I'm OK everybody's priority. My bounced them and they'll go to our house today. Yeah yeah.