Tuesday, May 22nd

If you were stuck in an elevator, how many people would you want stuck with you?  Listen to this latest podcast and see if you agree with the study..

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I saw some and in news today I thought was interesting and I'm kind of curious to know what you guys think about this. Oh we've all imagined being in an elevator and like the movies. Big sudden jolts maybe the lights flicker for a moment and you realize you are trapped in that elevator only. Thank you for that that's that's what accounts now mind I don't think that home. If you're going to be stuck in an elevator. What's your ideal number of people to be stuck in the elevator width twelve. Yeah yeah that's a stupid answer but you're not alone don't really know just being stupid ones Assad people would like to be packed in the elevator on. Yeah. Cingular safety in numbers are more likely to get out quicker if there's twelve people in there or you can use them forward crashed to the ground you can probably Jung I don't loved them for you know and make sense though when more people are missing. Because they're stuck in the elevator and so there's more people don't Wear one. Wears in the before you know it. Well we reject that and it's others fun. It. And that telephone in the elevator. But regardless to me twelve people would be a nightmare because that's twelve people to heat the place that start sweat in stink in core ardent and complain and it would just be horrible to imagine the person that gets nervous gas. And starts just bomb and everyone else in there in your thinking about the weight limit on the elevator we'll know your RV I mean this could be why it stopped the I hope hawks not in the elevator up. And that most people said the obvious the answers they said that 25% would like to be alone I wouldn't wanna be alone that would almost be too scary are you stranded in their forever those who. Okay. Again. I'd rather be alone that have hawk in there which sometimes that you do did the desert diamond thing it's like OK and we think one Booker can have one person with you and mr. and there forever so now spank continue picked the people you're on their win the pizza guy delivering pizza like you know the I don't know that Oscar example lady you have learned from that have a copilot sampler yeah. One other person our allies willing to get on the elevator or be stuck just to get away at all. He had an elevator because lieutenant Hastings at least you set in desert island like you could live in an elevator I'll arrest you know your life sometimes like to just have fun with conversations. And just think about. What if scenario that's what this is it's what is what are stuck in an elevator it is you're like let's be logical. That's all you have a conversation let's think about logically variety yes this is not going on Heidi now this is never gonna be calling on Heidi this is the kind of locked himself and his garage I I got half. And this is I had an old guy. Okay 30% said a small group of people like two or three. Well two other people yes. Yes and you don't want them ganging up 'cause if you had to eat each other. You get cannibalism that then you know that they're gonna ganging up on you which urgent at a bigger one. Yeah start the hood the bottom car a self I mean let's that was in the elevator. Yeah. Though when you look younger yeah. Am I good at them.