Wednesday, June 20th

Are you single?  Listen us, Hawk has several things that drive single men crazy....and let us know if you have more things to add to the list..

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Look at it now Euro the single Miami on the show he represented today it's a similar lonely these are things that upset single me I can still represent our Nagorno single concert to think about it often you wish you want which used to work. Yeah I would just say Simpson meanwhile I heat because she said does he does not have told her not to say that I. I'd get a history things they say and drive single man up the wall and I screaming children but again that could drive Mary Smith law yeah sir especially that ain't your children's day in other people's chill into all your thinking about is I wouldn't let my feelings behave like that are they that their children's behavior like that drives women crazy to you sometimes regional focus on the million here. Can lift yeah. I hide the extent it can at times the cancer question accurately that I join in if she agrees. I I disagree okay injuries lost my OK but you know OK and I think women are more tolerable of tolerance tolerance are kids. I don't know where you got that information stream and then maybe. These are things that upset single man. Any kind of gambling advance expansionist policies. Because Garcia a lot of your relatives a caddy don't tell me there I don't have a problem of that who ask you questions why and when you go get merry editor. They don't do that her family OK they're all honestly if that upsets you you're a little thin skins but they never have bombing Nath had sisters and a sister that is now engaged and they never asked her is not I mean it's just. The a lot of families do yeah I'm got a chance pages prize actually have to Lance just prize every time but it you're clever you can come up with a million ways to handle that. If you'd just come back right out of line like ever. Well I clever idea you learn a standard comes back when you're gonna get married her anyway I don't have to get married by Q did answer and so as you pretty much had to have a shotgun wedding and I'm waiting until I achieve. You gad are your psyche grandma when you go you may winning and adopt I mean ass I'm and she's dead grass right but that doesn't bother me. Okay but people do ask you questions like that and does that annoy uses single guy like you know going to get me and we have family moments no because I just say I'm not today. These are things of that single guys they say showing pictures of kids. Who's one of them that says that you. I mean it's not fun it's boring but it shouldn't ask that you and it doesn't bother me and it's a pass it on FaceBook I just scroll donate your time coming into his personal line for showing pictures of him on on some kind of family vacation I don't look at the pictures it's boring but it's not something that makes you assess it is boring. Okay thanks. You Heidi I said that I don't have to and I'm sure you islanders. More akin let's not include her after all and that includes videos. Your. The eight low total points some fingers at lay Asians in California and here not a story about his only sell stories of their funny oh poll leaves everyone thinks their stories are funny stories are funny there. I'm not. Her Markoff. Politicians can't count on terror look carafe but they're not you know there's funny earth. Done entertaining she said I'm Heidi just got through talking about my daughter's story and how she's good at doing the play was Cinderella and all these and she acted like she thought it was cute is cute is cute the keyword there was acted. Things that says thing guys they say people who order for an entire family in the fast food line. No well timed out wrong the guy and I had a big mini van and you get you one little order that don't take its hand in the new voters like at and T. Well you know it does cost small minded times because there are a couple of restaurants I go to him that they make your food fresh just not fast food so they'll just let the person says the drive through until they get their order Matt and I just wanted to cup of coffee. Yeah so I'm thinking sitting 93 cars if I mean like this is gonna take a while as they don't they cook your food order. But it Nina I'll just listen to be 93 point seven and relax and. Seattle I would never get mad at some of that I didn't that is when they want some special craft and they want to make it takes longer there dressing on the side I now am I you know I want a grilled cheese would. Sauerkraut and thousand island dressing and isn't that as a Ruben. It's the rebel without the meat but now it's really a grilled cheese. Our problem about it for Alex that would make. You don't know any particulars of the drive to me at dinner of grilled cheese cheese. You. But you notice that save you money how.