Monday, October 9th

Couples fight for a variety of reasons, but there's some that fight for no reason.  Listen up and find out which member of the show likes to argue for no good reason..


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Now here on the show before we talk about the top things couples fight about like money and finance and kids and stuff like yeah what's for dinner after dinner it's easy. I would until a few other ones because and the reason I bring this up is because Heidi foolishly compiled and swelling. I. Dan. About some compromises and that she's making with her new relationship. Over you know little things that she's trying to change about herself. That you know would drive her crazy normally because she's not used to living. Was surround sound Monica's are all the time. And it changes the water. I mean the thing in the fridge right the water dispenser in the fringe probably that's what it is certainly I was talking about right suggest comes over to your house as is the refrigerator any sets that are crushed ice and then you go you're expecting water you get crushed ice that you're like AA why do you do leave it on that you're supposed to set it back but no one sets anything back so I would get aggravated silently really look at. Aggravated and then I decide answer to that aggravation and happiness because. He does so much other good things I'm just gonna be like. Okay I care about and though I'm gonna not worry about it. What was interesting about this is Heidi and I have very different ways of doing it OK I would go and let's say my wife left to the water setting wrong on the refrigerator for me all the time. I would say well I'm gonna put up with this because I know I do annoying things that she has to do so to me they've balance out. But Heidi doesn't wanna consider that she might do annoying things instead speeds this as well Jeff does nice things that balances out for his annoying things. Yeah I think Jeff is probably go and how does he change the water. Well it across I sit on water for an on time and miss yours of the conversation eyesight I'm also put the policy. That came up through an ally just now I just tell her. Heck Geoff called a plumber has the toilet is broken again it will go back now. On the because my why professor grades that you have three boys. I say that it's been working really well lately we just toss it to see how. Their ability to opt in another race numbering Issa is because one Lee's eyes might happen. Later on this month. Everybody it's that thing okay. OK here's another couple reasons why couple's five. His or her mom's at something stark beauty. And yeah he or she didn't defend you after it was says it's different in my house. Our house it's ice it's that things are key to her mom you know and act causes fights. So I'm a Smart Alex and her mom and that causes us to be in trouble and see that and that yeah. Your wife in the middle with her mother and father and I look at it for persons. Five a couple of they say you were late getting ready for the party and cellular bugger right you have fantastic that we must have the party does Alabama pap that doesn't bother me because it's my wipe the slate but it's her that wanted to go to the party just happy we got the half hour I totally agree with you on now when. And and the one that's going to be account and a little bit later on is visas are some things that couples but over you couldn't agree on Halloween couples cost them. Don't do what couples cast in that saves you the trouble. OK that's one elected but it's much fun. For the women I'm not real sure why women liked it I think it's a branding I think it's a way to claim her man to tell all the other women. I've got him so wit that he's wearing a silly outfit that goes along with mine now because we think it's created and you guys likely wouldn't wanna pick one out on your exactly won't do it so we have to do it. So we're gonna do it our way meanwhile the guys got this awesome constantly. But his wife or girlfriend wants him to Wear that matching. Horse out then yes you go back into the courts again I don't think most automobile hours now when I. At a. I don't know if that's a good exam time that's on my fantasy and more like you know the parent and like the tired and you know the mistress or whether. Differences arrival and. I neat and magician. A bunny a magician announcing a polio out of a hat I have a big hat and that's what that's like him up with this year on your rabbit or some come animal most years you were happening when the he hadn't done it before the Fuzzy bunny that brought us Bonnie yeah. She is the Energizer bunny OK did you get go there now on she wasn't drunk which ones are okay. Yeah that wasn't Halloween.