Wednesday, September 19th

Kids can bring home all kinds of things from school....but what are they bringing home most?  Hawk will tell you on this latest podcast..

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Don't care can bring home all sorts of things from school. It first thing I give our kids to do when they come home I'm like why she hands and don't use the bathroom yet because that's the thing they seem to bring home most besides homework is sickness. Yeah well they and a survey asked parents to name the worst injury or bug their kids. Can come home win. From school my kids came home with some that was horrible on time today it's called common core. It. Well I guy. All sick. How bad in my my AI needs is deal that right now my father. Is a scientist at NASA he was a literally a rocket scientist and he's trying to help his knee is. Great granddaughter my needs to do her mouth Elmore Armenia and this a guy who built rockets and reloading and now. And he couldn't do it the way this school wanted them to do it any got so frustrated because he's like why should she have to learn at the stupid way whenever we can teaches the normal way of doing that that means is just. Matt yeah now I don't change it and and here's the big fat lie they tell you I want to quality time yeah. But they tell Leo common core is not a way you have to do it it's just a set of standards but they can. No the way it works in school as your kids have to do with the way the teacher told a red doesn't count because that's a load of crap I would not enough within you guys should march in protest. When a home that was not mentioned amid a protest by not having kids Tom. Okay go me here's worst injury or book it kids can come home with they say pink GAAP. You lose. You are you didn't think guy he. And now he's he's. Getting your. Even us. Also once that you look at Cal's side because cows get pink and -- farmers deal that oh you were looked at the wrong part of the cal with your guy yeah happen I got too close I got brown that was a totally different thing you. Today they say the flu is something we kids come home from school way of yeah. Now experts are predicting another nasty flea season this year. If you don't mind. Like every year it's always a nasty flu season is there never is like a nice flu season or pleasant flu season or you know at ninety flea season. It's now always got to be a nasty flu season right exactly what it's like I always say you know he was suffering with say this as if there was the option to maybe enjoy the flu. And I was suffering from a cold like these where you enjoying a cold and a. Well they tell us that every year hawks that they can inject us with poisons. And keep us under control I'm just open for a day deeply season. Normally 458. We're all injuries are about your kids can hunt come home we have they say and I'm allergic reaction. So some kid eat peanut butter into the cafeteria table on my own home county Iowa only got Manama stance that severe allergies to penis and on and make its my kids can have a peanut butter sandwich now okay. Strep throat is another thing as saying he said they were gonna have it's if I have. Throughout not great but that's easy to treat II we often hope it's strep throat that you throw an antibiotic added it's gone is the viral stuff the don't want to hear life and also I think motto is that on there now it's time I mean that with through our school like crazy and everyone had kissing disease. So they do your school kissing. Chicken pox were mentioned that they have in particular as chicken pot ski equipment homeboy general have all those thing lottery I mean that's the problem you've got parents and elect I can't take off work I can't do this autism my kid to school and infect everybody. Else. I was a kid. I don't remember who and our neighborhood got the chicken pox first but our parents all of Paris got the other had a chicken pox and they all just we all got it at the same time I am dealt Lyndon home. They don't these days things and the bad thing is well there's a vaccination now but the bad thing is some kids get it worse than others I mean I got permanent scars on my body might. Four had these big craters where I had this chicken pox I Adam dad as Easter just. I was seven years all that I had red itchy scratchy things all over me on moms put like Sox. Are kids' hands that kids. Like chicken pox ointment on there in a blow it off. Hold still honey. And our camera. And I don't know what you're doing right now hiding Stanley sounds like they've may have put like one of those dog collars that each tones honor handers and that's a good idea of actionable. Mark the end. Not okay it's not a good idea outright lies that make edge that's what kids. Through you ask. And this and surprised no one of these surprise and I really do because I enix I think this will be a big issue when it happens can worst injury bug your kid can come home from school. A broken heart. I imagine the first time that your kids come home and they get broken up with. And you have to kind of walked him through that process I think I'll actually be very skilled at the. I think it's good daddy did that and that it needs.