Tuesday, June 12th

If you've ever worked in retail or'll never understand the stupitiy that exists..  On this podcast, we share those stories..

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We are talking about shopping I felt like that signal went so well at home. We almost got about shopping math and we should definitely go farther with it yeah yeah well we. It turned army inherit and she informed us that she worked at a clothing still okay and I was just randomly asked her you know is anything unusual that happens you know in clothing stores and you said there's a lot of entitle people. Who actually asked the clerk to walk around with them and carried her clothes and cater to them. As you're doing the shopping. He acts all attack my cats and and this he told us this story that I'm gonna have to go online and looked at a video of pigs being slaughtered to get this image out of my mind OK so I area homes that you say there's some other unusual things happening clove and still he OK so what's the story again. A case is my first week in now and little army in the storage on on I'm doing Dana I get customary to sweet little lady is distort and where it was mostly elderly women don't some walking around picking up share it seeing. We go to the dressing room and she does when you come in and help me get dressed and while I. I mean apparently is not. I'm yeah. I like myself I an okay. A little late takes or sheared off and I and blue line so I can she forgot to Wear abroad and that guy okay pop pop pop pop massacre of urges that didn't Wear Brock she likes it means is ups. Who lives and yeah. Do I cannot last in that job there and. So it was an elderly lady and yet those things she took the pants off and steroids every bra and I'll I'll live as they can hold you know and it is that is evil you take your shoes off limit. To how do you help her get to assure you need them pick one up. He cannot take that she'll have to her arms man while. She admitted on down. In her arms like she just didn't care now. Look at you think about when your kids are small or whatever your dressing down and you're helping him put on their clothes and do you get this over lady which which you are sixty. Now gone and down there yes if he's isn't that old now for a mean that aren't old I know I'm just asking her that I didn't know means. And I think that's nice you helped her underwear she wouldn't have been able to do it yourself. Sorry it's not nice that she forgot where abroad. Yeah. And this poor girl is in there is she's like oh oops. I would do. Here at the heart. Now I'm curious because we as soon Heidi assumed that this would he can do about herself now I use that you raised her arms in the years so apparently she was mobile. I I think she just lining me inherited tell her if ultimately better not while I young Mary snow adding she'd that made at Atlanta. He added I hit advise that you what did you d'isere bill. What else. That for Halloween and she didn't have a problem you know women. It's like and I go to the bathroom in pairs is like a big days is not it is a big deal the big deal that army. I was a little sky OK okay no I don't like you and I half hour with you and like I come on in here in the Dresser amendments. Let me help me when my clothes. I'm like no huddle guys don't do that we use girls. Dornan payers in the clothing store this is not girls that this was a eighty year old woman and a young girl this woman she felt comfortable with her dune. Walt Darby didn't took cover emotionally and now look when. I needed help get and a pair of tight jeans before home this side now hold that side now zipped it. No need Heidi had to get the whole store involved. A couple of people a club that was left that locker. Out of them around. It she tea well darting. I did get a large commission off of her Arafat have had a history what I felt it was worth. And her from the store. And now and help other people put on their clothes yes that they. They're Reyes had brought on today they did but that's where did I guess people can just ask hey can you help me put on some clothes. Yes I'm on do that next time I'm like man did you come from my clothes so yeah. That just at all organist order that you. It turns out okay when you call us with your one thought I thought I.