Thursday, August 16th

Have you ever licked a 9-volt battery?  Heidi hasn't, until today..

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My name is clock. In Miami battery liquor. I. Osama and I'm a battery that care dot com I'm Kato and on the battery liquor hello Kate. I swore I'd believe. I'm. Not is. My juices and she's soon to be a battery makers. Right so we started talking about this because there is a story in the news about a guy who can make your food tastes salty by adding a little voltage to the fork adjusting the frequency of the electricity in this completely safe it's a low powered battery. But he can actually dial it is so your mashed potatoes taste salty without actually having to have any sodium in that. On my head it started with one battery one double batters. Well that got us talking about batteries that went to a nine goals and I thought. I'd. And so we've learned that Heidi has never lived in nine volt battery. And she's like why would anyone do that well a simple answer is it's an easy way to tell if your batteries charged her and I and I never understood why didn't they why they did not make other batteries. Away in the community can just take them out that plan. Yeah the nine volt is definitely though of course now one and a half full you might not be able to tell who was charged in his own people actually put it in the they're going to you know use it more and see that it works that but that doesn't tell you whether it's got a good charge I still turn on and then die a few seconds later this trail now another thing you can do is it UCLA a little metal thing across here it throws us Marc so that's the sign is when this chart and it now so we know this'll be a good win for Heidi and you do this uncontrollable. No you can but dull it's okay you guys are big enough they have enough juice to hurt you until you don't get a car battery and hook up the jumper cables to municipals because that will literally Killian I'll never get ready yet that. Literally feel good just to be clear that's enough air bridge across your heart to kill yet clearly when I went on cars that I was Seattle trusts you. And I worked on cars and shop and stuff they would teach you to leave one arm out when you're working anywhere near the starter the battery as you never wanted to create a path for the voltage to go across your chest OK obviously this and just don't put jumper cables municipals that's a good place to start right yeah it is and whether they're hooked up. Half I thought it might look like and and deferring and let's now we got cable I mean over we're like she might sideways she's at when he's about to get a shot she's so nervous about this because she does not allow this battery. I have ever forget about ever I. I doubt it. It's not a big deal it's really not. You yeah. I don't like the rest of the world is not you because you want to the people yet share million B conversation we have a party if you. And nine old men and nine non can do and I can say. I deity and the year at a party as it often does comes out that you know someone says that get religion rival battery. You up a stigma plane tutored there you know the truth and you relate to nine volt battery. You gotta like hey watch this. This is all on our field people unions do this day you guys talk about go to the bathroom on a that's electric fence do I wouldn't do that. I am very that's he's hitting a guy you know hiked its party. And I until it's no good I jumper cables. And in the electric fans and a couple of pairs like this one time now PO on the nine bowl. Okay little letter that there. Sahara is a countdown of light. Like aluminum and now this is nothing like that yeah I can flowers actually your record. You've got a tongue marine. Now Soledad but it a line here I'm gonna give you the battery changes noted towns and coldness the whole time he's been talking and so yet Toms split on this way the particulars. As moments when you know like here on each kids not to do just to some money. Pressured you ended please please come on I. Homily at college at first as he does that apply to you is make it is and and I hit it just hold on on dispersants in the coming through Latin. I don't know I don't. Like doctor pepper on you to and that does not. So I'm Heidi widow maker battery maker this morning and all of us. That's what's funny about it last. It's instant it quits decision taken off now listen the judge how would. Experience is what it's like to shop don't touching thing metal jacket is a shock. And do well he was saying it's not like a shock it is that it doesn't feel like Russia you have rubber shoes on just asking. Robert Hughes a day and let's not gonna cash three. Leo he was at each buddhism placement. You know and an. Elegant and replacement line and and we get a close applauded you touching it and leave it on for two you just can't Ruddick rock. I have done for I've done it all she's was to keep you. At first yeah alive and OK to go face blindness. About a foot and a lot of times that. She's never done it before this well you know you'll know next time you think I don't add. We live on FaceBook and I got the nine volt battery she's never late tonight volt battery in her whole life. Okay he's not happy right now there for two seconds all right yeah that. I'm just get that being this good don't be cheaters don't be a cheater get a close up Thompson she wants localized higher actually nine volt battery lick the in three. No notes in the 21. Do it. Come on do and I just happened yet not. Now it. Now normally get didn't know a bit more lightly did on their person and the rays to just for two seconds to put honey. It does and seeing. How they get here not just good for awhile like they're bona. Sure how to do it and and rub it all I'm gonna wipe it off he needs to sanitize. Out. There. Didn't feel it did you that was a tingle of course it's a team on and I thought I was gonna kiss Tom. And you name it I okay Hillary is like she too is one did. Oh. And it ended up on the side. Well again I don't know how bad it got even a single numbering up to jumper cables. I'm and it wasn't quite as bad taste it again you sanity to the value understood that story better. Okay yes now you can say I'm Heidi I have an idea a battery. If I. Well I did a photo bucket list yeah guy.