Tuesday, May 22nd

According to a new study, taking your shoes off at your front door could help you lose weight..  Listen up, Tom has all the smelly details..

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I read this news story and I thought I was DN pranks like April fool's herself and then but it's true and it explains my recent weight loss. For those you don't know I've lost almost two pounds over the past two years. Don't ask. It has. I attributed to this news story on cash. Apparently. Something I've been doing in my home has been helping me lose weight and you could be doing it too and it's very easy. Hawk you don't do it now. Chain your refrigerator clothes to that is not a I would lost more than two pounds of that it happened does it cost money that does not cost money solves sleep all day. Does not correct but that would help you definitely don't eat. That is that's been tried before a dozen or look at RI RI the trick to losing weight is to take. Off your shoes before you go into your house wine. Oh listen to hawk he don't believe it already now I don't know why I mean I don't like him think she's played the part of Tom I don't believe this OK I don't believe what I how I scientific facts. Apparently when we where she is in the house is we. Have been out and about and come into all these different cleaning particles. Out in the world like. At your place of business or in a storm. And these cleaning particles have something in them called obese religions now that's the part I thought sounded suspicious because it's the word obese I obese engines but they really are staying in obesity agents are in everything from cleaning products and cosmetics to process food and even dust. That's why taking your shoes off matters when you take them off your front door. It decreases the amount of obese engines that you're exposed to because you don't track as many of them into your house. And therefore. They say that you will lose weight but people who track them into their house gain weight and that's why we have gained weight over the past decade so. Based on that I should just completely undressed at my front door. Well your she's coming to more contact with that in the rest of your body have done RE huckster and that's yeah that's great and I've gotten complaints about it I just I just found this. Another excuse people are gonna use. For being overweight then they don't. But that bucket of chicken down that large French. Determines your weight gain weight loss. I am finding this to be a little suspicious. I don't believe did you and I'm not sure I believe that by attitude because I was suspicious but I looked it up and it's a real thing so does is it is it something based. Parade or is it a byproduct of all of the cleaning it out byproduct it's a lot of those. EPA is the DH days and BHD's. And I think the DT. Whereas I go through Monday I think I want cleaning products on the bottom of my issues especially like when you stand about your. You got all that you know those are called gross engines. And it says things are tracking into your house as well well you see Heidi stands by the journal yeah and apparently she takes her shoes off before she goes that are house I like to take my issues yeah. But it appears agents are foreign chemical compounds that disrupts normal development and balance of lipid metabolism which can lead to obesity it's a real thing. Anomaly and it's time to start wearing a mask out no did you not listen to it is not. I just read our she tasted his say that you needed to Wear masks they said take off your issues. Can't believe that's just gonna. Get rid of the obesity is not but it greatly decreases that's where most of them come into the house from. You're shooting that's correct so they are to the ground is at least she. You say god I'm sorry and I saw the Euro wind that kept your shoes on in your house. You would be against this knowledge is good because it happens said he is this isn't actually a kid and viral health scientists now took issue that I lost two pounds. A that's right you take your Hughes but I do that the two pounds he lost was issues. One pound per she thought I think a lot of decisions. Yeah. Well okay you guys can hate all you want and you can deny all you want but I lost two pounds and they got again these are bound to be take a body close stock split up happened. It's not see that you have Herbert. As he does or management in echinacea. Lou today.