Wednesday, June 13th

Do you feel better when you vent?  It turns out, it does NOT make you feel better.  Hawk had the info, listen up..

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Let's say your have been a bad day you had the worst commute live your life your co workers of all driven you crazy today. And you know decide to go ran to your best friend about it or maybe go to I don't know some website or face the ninth. K do you feel better afterwards yes. Science says probably not I don't believe science. I studied the effects of anything. Two other people expressing anger seem to preserve rather than reduce hostile feelings and missing people generally believe that venting will help them feel better. But in order to truly move forward people must focus on potential solutions to the problems. And not just dwell on them because if you dwell on them here live in them reliving them over and over again and it fuels buyer it goes up anger and stress in your line. Here's where I disagree with that first of all some of the things you mentioned have no solution like your commute to work it may never get better there may be nothing you can ever do about it. But sometimes if you've been to someone when you're done you're like. And you move on you do move on them because you Vince it's. I have friends and family call me often say I just need to vent my vet. And they get out there like thank you I'm like any time I'm here and then they talk about normal stuff I guess in better right OK but do day events like over and over again and you're just one those people their drinking tea. I mean no it's not over and over about the same thing just because they say the thing to do is think about a solution on how to fix that problem on August had some things can't be well I mean I don't complain you complain Matta commuted if that's what you've chosen. I'm like this is as brown I've chosen every day in and can be crazy. Knows until college football minds your business could move percent thing what is a friend turn into a toxic friends you know he has somebody just wants to them and all this and you find item on that now is called preventive. It's an amount on the good friend but I'm not there to help them fix their problem is just I'm just there to live while me and my wife would love you down because that's how I certainly when Allen event I call a friend and I fan but I don't want them to help me with the problem just listen. That's my weak point of radical change is taking different route if you go and turn left here you won't get into that trap the problem though is they say it's okay to advance that once you have done moving forward and try to think of some kind of solution to the problem instead of repainting over number likely co workers drive you crazy. Oh were over and over again. Whether the job and on cheese ball or bring them like Darth Vader. Making your day hard every day from their incompetence. You know away I know you're talking about hawk I had it every day to my wife and I like what should I be doing instead. What's the solution I thought of one but it's not legal. Good what I have to do a little is that these things that happened over and over in your line and you have Miley can't access solution used this solution is just move on because. You know if you're guidance in my acre horse that was revenue Craig's most likely driving them crazy did. Through May be which didn't I am just joining me driving you crazy obviously the company's Alka. Did you that we're talking yet probably shouldn't say this would work to address. Here we go into their ideology and their autopsies planned a video game on how to compete on a passionate committed and that would have been the. And they've been devoting I'm hearing this thing over and over again he's complaining about your confidence you're complaining about his job things I just kind of you know we have listeners like that okay. Life is it to me this every morning that's why don't call me demand. Good I don't read just ran well I thought. Good club that.