Friday, December 8th

What do you do if you get a gift that you didn't want?  Listen to this podcast and find out if you're in the majority.. 


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We talked the other day about how we always have to act like we. Enjoy your like a president that we don't really like at some point or another bank you know we gave you our attempts to try and convince someone that their president was nice even when it was. And we had varying degrees of success Heidi was the worst by far off her just came across very plastic and pretend well but we found out that that's the way she comes across even what she really does like a threat. Well it's all that plastic surgery. Okay yeah I can't quite get some more research on this just to find out how often this happens and how people react they say that about 86%. Of people said they have pretended to love a gift they actually hated that means 14% or soul crushing leonidas. Okay that he can't do that some people can obviously be candidates here can't he tried to get your shirt that you don't need you can't do what. You can't hurt their feelings blow obviously these people do there is 14% is said Dave and tell us that those people they've been online for me I just couldn't do that I have to say can say oh thank you so mind well that's normal that's what 86% of us still. Hot and that may. You'd still be flat out well not really no one is not. Those with a gift so bad he had detail and you're not using it just acknowledgement that affect and the payment. Well 60% of people said when they pretend like something it's because they don't want to offend or upset the person they gave it to them on the don't want to create the drama either. 70%. Of us have old and awarding gifts still sitting around the house sure you know take a guy like a box of re gift box. So gives them gotten from Heidi in the past the people in the past about not use. Wait a couple of years and then re give them somewhere else like it secrets and what really India to see I would be embarrassed or ashamed to re gifting of Friday's give us now Todd got some Jack hand. It's that I have been saving for a couple years okay John and jeans. Even. You know icon now I don't. Those are cool you know guy and got. Over the years people estimated they've gotten almost a thousand dollars worth of bad Christmas gifts they'll never use and that's what's always bugged me with my mom is still by these presidents and I I want her to save her money I'd rather her not waste the money on them but I don't want her feel as though I'd just go ahead and taken each year but there are 2.2 percent of its almost one out of four people that said they hated gift so much they immediately admitted they didn't like it. So either they're really mean are they just can't live very well I mean you don't come out that blatant and say you what you need is your receipt for step. I don't maybe they didn't come out and say they didn't like it maybe they just started crying. You know like a blow. Oh joy. Whenever I pass that office tears of joy over that CD machine holder thing. They were so happy they cried over a year cheap crappy gifts and try to do settlers CD holders are has CDs anymore well like by yesterday. Could create a long time ago yeah it's pretty bad whatever they said that some people have a gift this so bad that they still talk about ten. I've been 11% of parents said their kids have thrown a tantrum because they got a gift they did July 8 hole I would throw up but will open as well I would throw it my kids threw a tantrum over a gifted and like we taught my kids than we we make them practice before Christmas or or birthdays should we make them practice what do you say if you don't like the gift like thank you very much. What do you say you know if you don't if you wish it was different thank you so much for this gift they don't know how he'd be hey. He certainly haven't practiced what you preach then. Colony now leakage hiding please just move on I know he gives a key Gibson's big you know that great trying to defend every totally bring it up. Thomas I did OK well how. It's a great. That detectives to practice I'm working with Lebanon Ryan to be grateful because he'll get like he had been camera pull out and want this court. I want to you know and one dollar via corner now laundries now. I'd be honest that's the best painting advice you've ever give a thanks yeah its just practice. And king wow. Their mother must be huge and it's. She's not she's Billups did he do that rather thanks guys Elvis and her guys not existed anyway for the gifts she did. This compliment the Decatur game he's one of the best gifts of ever gotten into your girls in the morning once again someone else let me down.