Tulsa The Movie - Interview.mp3

Wednesday, August 19th

Our good friend Scott Pryor is now an acclaimed film director and movie star! We knew him when he lived in an apartment in Taylors and now he is making movies in Atlanta GA and he has a fantastic new movie coming out this weekend.  His first major movie was "The List" in 2015 and he is back in 2020 with "Tulsa" with the story of a young girl (Tulsa) who, after a tragedy, must move in with her father who is suffering from PTSD and isn't ready to be a father - or so he thinks!  A great story with lovable characters and a faith-based approach, it is the kind of film so many people are looking for right now.

Another bonus for Dukes of Hazzard fans - John Schnieder is in Tulsa and we have a couple of great stories about Jon and some run-in's with the law on the set of Tulsa and getting pulled over by the Police on the way to the set - did Bo Duke get a ticket? Find out what happened in the podcast.

"Tulsa" is opening NATIONWIDE in Hollywood Regal Cinemas this Friday August 21st with social distancing and a safe seating - if you've been waiting to see a movie, this is a great chance for you to get out of the house safely and enjoy an escape from the stresses that Covid 19 is putting on so many of us right now.