Friday, April 13th

Tom is not like most people, and this morning....he proves it yet again.  Listen up and find out things about Tom that makes him unusal..

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I don't know where this is gonna go but I'm gonna be real with you guys for a minute I'm going to try to share something about myself that's honest. And it comes from deep down inside. You do that all the notices something. All OK this is something that I just and I don't know if I would normally share with everyone can open opted comes on the couch I saw a post on Twitter. And I got to thinking about the picture that I was seeing and I realized that I have something in me that is different than. Most feet for a lot of people. Something about me that makes me. I'm usual order or. If for an odd one of these beings not like the other. The only tricky you know I'm just not cut out your fingers theories. Okay are you serious and yes I and I can chat or connected. I can't. Okay horse walked. And I pop pop up just a. And they don't like the song yeah. On. I mean listen it is so different about you are you just realizing that now all. I looking at this one photograph. Well it's an innocuous photo it's a photo that probably would it be seen by most people that skip right past it but for me. It made me think about myself and there was a photo of a ribbon cutting ceremony. It was for some new building that was you know opened up in Greeneville I don't even. And I saw these people stand there are side by side smiling in the mayor's guy like scissors and he's cut in this Brit then and they're all looking together. And I looked at that picture here and I probably had different thoughts than everyone else. My thoughts were. Why do people do stupid stuff like this like cut the ribbon or ground breaking ceremony us jobless just the picture of them shelling and not really doing work there it's like I understand is sip what is that a symbolic ceremonial ceremonial. Yes and me. I don't understand that part of life or humanity to me that some monumental. Waste of time just like weddings. Where they. Saw a lot to offer either a certain amount and half half I bears could be shortest answer. There are people who remain. Wait all of their life to open their own business. Or build their own building and save money and struggle and that is a moment that they've worked hard for now it's not when they open the doors for business that's the monumental moment break ground on that journey rated around it has every event on that Zorro any illness that they've worked hard for day they open for business and customers walk through the door. That's the data matters. This other stuff is a bunch of people who mostly don't wanna be there. Who are standing their for a photo opportunity. And they wanna go home as soon as they can't just like weddings. Are starting to win me over on the. And I your business planning that dream begins with a good business plan way before anybody walks in any door and Malia. I mean this is a jury in this is a dream and you rub elbows with people around. The when you Colin dignitaries of the community and our revenue once elbow don't want to with the people who worked hard to pleased that business in the community they do. Would they revenue over as far as that feel good. Yeah matters to a lot of people. Flooding has delicate and Heidi theory I. And it's answers that they're like they're eight King Kong would yeah I think Clinton is coming in and as he's turned this into an attack on me when I was revealing something about myself that I said on different cities like how can you attack those people you'd be very vulnerable our wives and was attacked you. I think obviously a lot of people and look at it differently that you do Easter I thought I had nothing bad I. As I. She attacked me with a horse Joseph Burris is like. Long ferries let alone pay as it stands he attacked me with scissors. And I'm sitting here vulnerable just don't get rush double. I'm kind of cuts hello I'm on and you hit how.