Wednesday, August 8th

You might not think that fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy are getting a lot of dates, but you could be wrong.  Find out why..

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Well Tom's been Iraq all along it comes to the romance department. Radio Romeo that's what they call me today he's got it going he's Joan. He's got it. I got it whatever I was six straight is that grow had a cold sore you grab alive and read a lot of science fiction and stuff like that yeah likes that well you might not think that the fans of science fiction and fantasy. Would be good. And the romantic type as roaming type partners as the romantic arts yes OK yeah. Well like Harry Potter they studied studied the dark arts and that's what I studied the romantic yes so you're all ended read your side finalist at the end of it for awhile now have a G yeah I don't think Harry Potter they only they studied the romantic arts there they were just Kiki. Yet but we'll researchers found people. Of both. You know gender. You mean like men and women women women have a good knowledge. Both genres of scifi and fantasy and have more realistic expectations for relationships. So the experts say. This would be because they are more open minded and because many of the stories in the side by slash fantasy world. Involve characters have to change and adapt overtime that's hogwash. That's of the reason people who read scifi like scifi are able to adapt and accept more of that relationship crap is because they don't have any choice. Let the Grammy relationship their nerdy geek you they knew they were gonna have to settle along time ago and I say that as one of umbrellas because they adapted a long time we go to figured out right now because they just didn't have any choices they're like go on the nerd of a geek out and have to settle for another nerd that's not true there's not all odds comic cons have been growing they have let there's still a small percentage of the hi all you can lie. Science fiction but not be a comic con. Kind of girl. You know I mean no garlic all the success of the superhero movies. There's a lot more geeky news in the world and we just you want his closet key thing is it's going on people wanted me though like I would go see this superhero. Man dressing up as a superhero and going to comic con or not is not necessarily liking. Isaac Asimov and deeper thought. Of someone who you know people living in a different planet. Oh my guy I'll try to drop Isaac Asimov snake I read a science fiction not quite like I want to say she's good at the romantic arts today and that's it does nothing to do with romantic guards it has to do with keeping an open mind and be happy to adaptable and a relationship. So you're saying in like a gap. It gets angry in terms bringing gets big and rips off all his clothes and goes and fights bad guys. You would say. That's not science fiction now with more cartoonists comic fiction or are you brought cartoons are about power strip yet it's not science fiction okay instead these comic book communities. Okay like Thor and those guys that come from a different planet. Now it's economics at that scifi were like into like realistic versions that's like oh cartoon mini versions. Don't get me wrong yard geeks to opt for group we speak to collect your little. Comic books and plastic bags and go around and don't touch that you'll find that's a personal lines. There. As a I know I Hillary comic books not the ones in that bag you're saying and you are better at the romantic art than someone that's in the superhero realm of side there isn't a superhero realm of scifi fantasy that this is the science fiction fantasy that it comic books a case of Spain this year and saying is Lord of the Rings types I'm saying that this is he would be the Harry Potter slash Lord of the Rings scifi is Star Wars Star Trek. And comic book is its own thing I disagree of course you do if you wanna be in our club but it can't honestly that's. Thank you and comic books and stuff. They're from outer space and yet they're not superhero powers they're not remotely realistic is that superheroes and Star Trek and testing for they don't punish Xia. They give like this. Meteor shower that changes him into an invisible girl here Coca stretch poke them a guy that turns into Iraq thing and they got it turns in the fire that has not size five that's up Imus but she and so I face there that's spaceship has no working parts it's a big drawn cartoon it's a comic. There's no so you notice and how can work science fiction books that's not true either it's just words about people going to put this fascia no mistakes most science fiction books eventually one day become reality. I'm like any young dates if yeah. Yeah I. Broke out in order of the bars. It happened let's talk yeah I hang in your latest our worsening. You're not a class Star Wars movie this Einstein yes I said so that there aren't that Star Wars with their star worst comic books out there okay that's for the people who can't handle the head these death watch them on our heels grabbed fifteen pages. What you kill readers yeah. Aren't leaders. Today they'll just let you know Tom is all in the side guy he breaks it down and two parts and don't even understand oh well guys here's trying to include comic books in our and when it comes to kissing his wife Susan kisses like an alien it's. And it's not by winning eight he's. That.