Tuesday, January 9th

We've got about five weeks until Valentine's Day, and that's still enough time to make someone fall in LOVE with you, or at least something approaching love.  Here are three tricks she says to try.  But they all sound a little iffy...   Listen up and find out what you need to be doing..


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Do you wanna get someone to really fall in love with you long haul you know there are some things you can do is they'll actually make a big difference and get someone more serious about you more quickly houses like. We Bill Cosby got growth polymer but I am I'm not using any pills and I'm not knock anyone out. This is something that can help you out if you wanna get someone to be more into you know especially maybe if you're in a relationship and you wanna take it to that next level yet. One of the big secrets to getting someone to fall for you is to get them to be a bigger part of your life. And you wanna do it casually carefully so they don't realize that they're being pulled into this. And this is a good time for this Valentine's Day comes I'm an. What you want to do is get them more involved and you are dated today life that way by the time Valentine's Day does come around they'll feel like every day with you is Valentine's Day at all. Well Tom how do you do that if you want I. I even try every year. I arrived here is line vary good trick. You plan a bunch of stuff to do within over the next month leading up to Valentine's Day. Make sure you have lots of different things going on that you can do together. So that they aren't. Planning ahead and looking ahead to like oh next weekend I'm doing this you know next week and I've got this going on within and so they start thinking that view as. What they're doing. Billing overwhelmed now might have had so many plans in the next month and I'm in going to be tired I'm gonna have time to do it all okay I have an alternative route channeled stresses that I managed tricks invite them over and start binge watching a TV show and again there. Annan. Now you've got him hooked again and there will want to see the show and subconsciously. They got to see it we view because of all the binge rules and all that staff. But once I break federal canal had two different as bright that rule on me and they went ahead and watch the shadow. That could ruin a relationship that's likely that's wielding more imam yeah it was a relationship could mean. I thought my next segment on how to get rid of someone before Valentine's. Yeah I'm not watch the news watch. That's an that you're not into them. But now I kinda lets you realize. So yeah it is think yourself into part of their life when they think of stranger things. And they and you stranger things yeah. Over the bank of how to get away with murder they think of you who. Cameras go back to the drawing board like that show that's there was a good job OK in my last tip Fauria is one you've got to think about first and make sure that you're ready for this step. But if you think that you are going to take this this takes up an odds that you can introduce them to your family no eggs now that's not for early in the relationship but yes Schilling yeah. I asked a great way to show you're serious and make them feel closer. Now they'll select a much bigger part of your life when they're talking about your mom and dad with GO. So that when I know you said no because you're not at that point yet to decide if you are at that point where you want it to get that next level of seriousness that brings in the even closer. Yeah that's a huge step. Oh yeah and that's a lot for the next month if you want to do this before Valentine's Day about that on the ice within days though for six or eight months would actually be in your plans for this month's national oh things dividend increased why you might I've been ready than maybe you early days two months at Thanksgiving game that you elect and I ready introduced into my parents he's now you know Juan Martin king day. It took over for large Amare. Time holiday I'd say that Valentine's Day just in case you can't wait to them that you could just go for Sunday after church don't get back. I'm I'm not a contact. There are some tips on how to take it up a level before Valentine's Day thank you radio Romeo do well yeah that's going to be.