Wednesday, April 11th

Would you like to be Super Happy?  Well, Tom has a few things that couples could do that would make them Super Happy too.

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We'd all like to be super happy wouldn't Wayne well I've got some things that super happy couples do. Is pretend they just met. Whether you've been together for six months or six years spend at least some time each day acting as if you just started dating. Ask him what he thought of a TV episode or share what you would do if you won the lottery. They say that overtime couples stopped asking those get to know each other questions because they think they already understand each other. But because we all continue to change and develop. Little daily check ins like this help keep the connection growing. Love bad advice on this are nice to talk about themselves. And to offer that up about yourself that you think someone else cares I think that's awesome. And gang I think it's maybe a little more simple than that bad thing maybe is just even like okay you're asking what they thought of the Walking Dead last night and they may give you any answer you didn't expect to did you think you know all about them but there might be something different to do you do them. Which one. We just mentioned. I sometimes ideal. I might ask my wife you know well more often battle Astor I teller what to think about size. But I will keep up. And do that on a regular basis. So I mean it's nothing gets in their important stuff. Bryant but it's hard to kind of live that sometimes when you have kids and chaos began that once seemed easier to do it's try harder to remember to do but it's not hard to actually did share YouTube videos that's given him. In Canada. I'll get to those later our guy cause I don't know how well. Don't hang out with people that are getting divorces. Loses particularly true of women they say that whenever a woman hangs out with a friend is getting a divorce your odds of splitting up increase by as much as 75%. Black now my a lot of times where you'll see this and some men still. As kind of day a idea or a way to look into the future that they did it and it doesn't seem so bad to him sometimes how it also. Collison married women hanging out with single women yes I agree Q I don't I don't think that. Always works out for the best that can be an unhealthy relationship as well. They say in general that it's good to hang out what people are in the same place at life. As you are. And I Anderson and that that if you have a girlfriend that you that for a long time and they get married and you're not married. You just don't stop hanging out with the into the care dilemma limit how do you view the threat third willed eighties I was JJ and that third wheel yeah what you do know the government only year. Why for girlfriend hang out high caused in the. I'm happy I'm I don't know. I. States. Most couples are happy one album at least one album needs to be able to get over a fight quickly and that's truly in my life I hold grudges I I hold a grudge against the college I went to over twenty dollars and and so I'm not gonna get over things that she is so low end to a fight in the next day I'll be like you still wanna talk about that and she's like. What I like that fight we had last night she says will always fighting about and I'm like Ivan Stewart about it all day and you don't you remember. So eventually act quit being mad because I realized he had even been thinking about it. So it helps me to get over it because I know she's already forgotten about it. Yeah I mean it's it's the ones that didn't damage do you. More than since she's letting go right you know I remember if you can learn to let it go though what do as much damage you and you'd have to stay low overnight thing about how I'm going to. Talk about this the next morning because she got robbery and he's I don't Israel I didn't ask this has already said I don't have to do it I said I just have to have someone that can but I am with the Tom I have the same problem as hard just to get everything's and forget things that happened because I do the same thing it's not another relationship but I think about things and dredges grudges I hold them for a loan down Ryder. Here's another when you may not agree with Cato limit abuse. No they say any relationship can be shaken and stirred by too much alcohol. Syracuse stereo you. News. They say that a relationship needs. Adjustment and compassion and sometimes that doesn't mean you shouldn't have any drinks but you don't need to begin so bad off that causes fights angry. Here's a cool indeed the beauty to his beasts. They say that women who meet up with average Joes are that men that dad died or the beer belly. Actually end up doing better because when husbands are as good or attractive good looking or attractive as the wise they tend. To be more engaged at making their wife happy. But when husbands are better looking. They don't care as tonight's. If that the husband doesn't care as much about the life. Because he's more concerned about himself. That's no it's not and that's just something they noticed and finally. Limit the Chick Flicks. They say if Jennifer Aniston nasty creature regularly appear in your living room you could be in the danger zone because romantic comedies set unreasonable. Expect him options. And they might be fun feel good escapes but the man sits there and thinks there's no way act and live up to this and the Lomas is there and thinks he's not living up to this and can cause problems in your relationship couples going to completely cedar. Watch a romantic comedy come out fine and that's why should just watch horror movies. Lack could be that man not some back of each JC with a chainsaw right now just yet how. I youthful enough backup.