Wednesday, July 11th

Do you make plans for your kids for the summer....or should kids come up with their own ideas?  Listen and see if you agree with Dad of The Year...Tom Steele.

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Well parents are you feeling guilty. Why Amber's parents say they only last about thirteen days into their kids' summer break before they start to get stressed out and go nuts okay. A lot of times they feel guilty because they can't figure out enough things for their kids today again in the summer vacation OK we've addressed that we told our kids it's not our job to think that's done for them I'm I'm all summer that's their job. Load today it's really not your job I mean they need to be able to find the interesting things to do yeah you're bored you know find some days I'm like get John Ford and Dieter you know good on here too there's lots to do. 58% of parents feel like they have to figure out activities for the entire summer legged cat they're great they really you are. But. 64%. Have felt like they let their kids down and felt guilty because it didn't come up with enough good stuff for the kids to debut in the summer months your. When it wrong. My mom or dad sent me out the door on the first day of summer I remember walking down the sidewalk think you know crappy now what do -- because I'll have school anymore but I don't know what I'm gonna do they made you get up at 7 o'clock in the morning and get outside his point nine X-Men but it's so hot though that taught you to think this stuff to do well and Angie in summer camp or have some arranged activities I went to summer camp but not the whole summer I went for one week or something but there was another you know twelve weeks as some try to figure out what to do. It's changed little bit that's not a good thing to get a helicopter parenting now the affairs of the kids today. I see I don't agree with that well did your mom work. Sometimes Seward his secretary and our prayers she was home with you weren't like you know just a latchkey kid. Well what do you mean but I mean you had your mom around you weren't like unattended. Those times of change. Lie though because you are you had your neighborhood kids you play baseball with a wider variety and so there's a lot of enough. Sending kids that had like one handled many bikes and stuff like that you know yeah and your own neighborhood again on OK when we don't know I don't know. But. These are just some of the things that parents say they do to occupy the kids time okay. Summer camps right now forage can't get vacation Bible schools and a lot of churches do a man. My kids are gonna go to vacation Bible school they've got a summer camp that the but that's only two weeks out of the whole summer. But we also have like kids zone has this summer camps still or you can just send them off for a couple days you got amusement parks. Okay that it requires you probably to go. A year together. The movies is something that they paired today and try to occupy some time. Go to this. Bowling was mentioned which is kind of out there or not really. And then obviously the number one thing people do with the kids they take into the pool. Ask us here Tuesday. You're gonna say iPad. Now it's probably go when now the right but don't you feel like when your sit at home. And the kids are watching TV on they're on their iPad although they don't start to feel a little bit guilty. And. Okay no okay. Honestly. There are will say this that when my kids there on is a computer all day long I'll say hey you need to go outside and decent for a little bit. Sometimes my son will run around the block. And we'll Tynan. And that's like a big family activity will get that he chairs out and set him on the front daddy I don't make an obstacle course it's just call the neighbors are on the run as a around the block OK okay we've got a big block so it's almost three quarters of a mile around. So he runs around it then he runs. Back up one street in back and that's a whole mile and we time in. Okay yeah I can treat my kid I mean my youngest one like he'll do little race case brag and so like entry concede you have to run two run islands emerge some idea as you ever send them to the grandparents on the job parents in Tennessee and Florida send them there for the summer and a nice guy I stand on my mom mom put your grandparents no way I like having my kids around whose goal he stepped out of the fridge ago. Like to life in she'll do that heading into. The study found kids spend the equivalent of nine entire days during the summer playing video games all. Yeah I. I said RD got that done the first nine days ago but that of most parents Tom understand how we fare most parents feel guilty. As the kids are watching TV and playing bad. Side is that true conversation I had when my son the other day I said when your mom is signed you up for sports camp this week. You've got to go to at least one day have it improves that year at least tried it out as a then you can come back and work on fort night and you need to get good enough that it to make money on your twitch stream or else you laying a deal to play as much a so he's got to get better added if he wants to be able to play all the time it's got to be a source of income. Cash because once it becomes a source that in common than it's a summer job okay that's one way to look at it. A cash everyone's looking at me like I'm crazy right now you are sound as time just. I feel better as a bad thing.