Monday, May 14th

Tom calls a family out for something they did that was stupid..  Listen and let us know what you think..


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I have been told many times that I am not a nice person owls and I don't care. Now in fact I wish there were more people that were not nice liking me. I think the world would be a better place for him to be a more honest place that he's thinking you know some people who deal. Media do you face immense mountain and then things amendment back on you know what you just said. But I think the world would be a better place because I think we would have less stupid people that it. The creek mine and here's the thing we go one day without you Colin someone's deeper now you know what you could if it wasn't that everyday accurately I see someone do this book so today Kato I think you watched this loss there's a video that's gone viral. And it is a family that's going through one of those why old she'd parks are those safari parks and they're the ones where you're supposed to drive your car. Keep your windows rolled up and look at the awesome cheetahs and tigers and lions and apes that are in. Captivity but allowed to roam free. And a long as you keep your doors and windows and your doors shag your fine who would lower their windows anyway. Yeah I Ry dangerous animals with but this isn't a case where they lowered their windows these morons got out of their car and or walking around with their toddler. Oh now now. In my perfect world the animals would be eaten them because they're so which do you did they don't need to be pass in their genes on to make. The humanity of Dahmer race. Fortunately for there and that she it is did chased him down and stalks them but they were able to get to their cards just at the last second before these cheetah has decided to eat them but let's be very fast because she's are the fastest animal on earth that she is caught on the cheek is just we're just trying to decide whether to attack amber and I yeah it's like they ran up to them but I'm kind of waded in and he gave them time to get McConnell fast forward to the. In here where they are the cheaters are kind of coming up to. And they make this lasts acknowledge user legislation right there on and on that and now they've they've pulled out farther and then here's where they running. Daewoo. I'm gonna get this he's just walking here in the baby here he I don't know which line that is and I all of our. And it charges and they and they look. Kinda like there is no way to the outline if that's why has faced in the behind. I see this should AM. Yeah well in. The evening at her you don't want my brother. And is oh boy for what he took an African safari 10 boy. And he has a picture of him. And he's like do initially Hughes son when his finger up to his mouth with a pride of lions behind him. So got out of the car you can come to our thing yeah I did that yeah yeah yeah or off the bus one I don't know what did you think cannot thank you won just get a picture and put on FaceBook. I wonder what. People said to the official said to them after us I don't know I mean probably go home and change your pants. But honestly. Who stakes that's a good idea fair either shy of their little toddler they give out of a car that's in a park full of she does I see people do that all the time at the jockey Lott did that the kids that I'm kind of happy after hours and everything a little chaos to order and fears and you know what surprises me they haven't filed a suit against the safari saints are you know owls a sterilized I thought. Iowa boy is the matter hearing that time she goes around from the Carter ran to the passenger side to share and exchange. The cat away air strike stare at. I mean who thinks that's a Smart idea and and do they ever feel stupid. I mean that's why I think they need to be eaten they need to put up more signs in that park apparently has studying a car. I'm not. And a and a sticky if the cats had eaten them they'd probably killed the cats and it wouldn't have been their faults yeah and they would have been a Jurassic Park editing gone yeah yeah you know I think it's about oh win need to make a real Jurassic Park. Because that would be awesome and give out free tickets yes to stupid people and apparently tickets still free to walk around outside your car now. Tom you've taken pictures gotten up close at the gringos they taken pictures of monkeys. And yeah we're very close to the cage at the time. They still were in their cage I didn't let them out and then play with but that monkey touched your faith okay so I got some monkey coupon my fish. That's not the same thing funny part was he was let the monkey caress as saying I didn't know where its landed. I'm. He put it NYC three million. They should have more signs yeah.