Monday, July 16th

At what age do you STOP using your baby monitor?  Everybody has a different answer, listen and find out if you agree with us..

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Quick question. Star's baby monitors go where at least up using new baby monitor because I still use our baby monitor in our boy's current I think by the time they're teenager issue price turned that are. It's. I don't content. Yeah well let because a lot of people are allowed parents might think I'm eavesdropping on the kids that. It's fun to hear their conversations OK is terrified me in the ninth and so you know my and my youngest one listeners and he was talking about I don't know. Some like. Rainbow room gophers are some like you know it's like come into the room and he's like. You know Dow ended. Of tell him dead. They're such a thing is the rainbow and go for its killer brain. And so I whispered to my oldest and I'm like you know there's no there's no such thing that he's learning OK he's earning right now so. You know is currently does but they're not there's not there's not rainbow golfers. Some like you know try to. It's hard is it's it's hard to explain why you just tell your younger says honey there aren't rain though gophers there'll only rainbow gophers are if you get a stuffed animal version yeah I would love to listen to you and your kids talked oh yeah. Somewhere. There could be oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah lately avoid. Asia it was in some book that he Brad Pitt wasn't an official you know. Legitimate book about. Like Discovery Channel. One thing we understand. So. Just because you've never seen what doesn't intend to justice is that's the way people fall into these snake oil scans well it could be but it's so fun to hear them try to do you know Hank debt five down and figured out. Through the baby doctor opt. These days though it's stressing me out a little think it'd view handle it he's David monitor your rounds and little guy girl and boy so they don't room again. Well not only that but is there an age rattle think they need their privacy abused that that day. How they I mean nine in eleven. The two story house that come in handy just as a monitor don't think it's like Alec if one of them lose the letters on his mom. And I. We don't have that either the good but always yell hi Alec. I mean he cannot have a baby monitor. He probably takes to you know they not used in all in my guest bedroom oh while funding that is illegal. Y their in my gas it's just as. I have I have to ask him how did I battled my town node itself. And tonight at eight news now he's. On his oh dude talk it. New. The adult has a baby mama is camera here with the baby monitor net Venturi about it just wanna check done in the middle of the night now I don't have a camera has this idea. I do have to Sarah's visiting with a friend. And we were sitting on her back patio and the baby monitor that she had at the time picked up what was going on the neighbor's house when they were on the herself Sarah. I guess their house. Phone Intel toward this act cordless yeah. Today moon. It was interesting. What we got to see in our neighbor's house we watched their kids along. That we're lightweight we're now watching our he would that's market. How I hope they were watching our eyes I OK so it will agree with commonly age to start these in the baby monitors is that before their teen years to. Oh my agreement there.