Thursday, December 7th

Did you hear Tom's Special Christmas Story?  If not, listen to this..


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This is the Christmas season this is the time of year when you then curmudgeon is angry inch is in Scrooge is like myself start again I and that the nude for the holidays and a and I think even someone who is cynical like me on this and the rope am is someone who just really gets frustrated with humanity sometimes. I come out of my shell and I have a little bit of my heart exposed on the happen the other night make his good Oceana force Christian school and they did aid program and it was really beautiful walk you to love this yeah. It was Star Wars seemed to Star Wars is such a big deal right now. And they were on the space ship that was traveling across the galaxy to spread the word of god and they got to this planet and there was a bad guy named delete tore. And he deleted the Bible verses from the clouds really didn't have the Bible to share anymore so they had to share the verses from their heart song and I thought it was such a great story and that just it made me think a Christmas and all the stuff and so. I wanted to share another story that I had with the that is also Star Wars themed I don't really well the beginning is OK and comes on and go if I guess music sharing a good Christmas story for you know him. A long long time ago in a neighborhood far far away. A man. Was upset with his three year old daughter she just wasted a role of expensive wrapping paper. Money was tight end he got upset when she tried to decorate a boxer she wanted to put under the tree. The girl didn't care that her dad was upset she persisted as she brought the gift to her father the next morning and said this is for you daddy. Christmas morning. He opened the box he was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction and it has angered. Got the best of them again when he opened and solve the box was empty. He said don't you know when you give someone a present their spokes to be something inside Evan. The little girl looked up to him with tears in her eyes and she said daddy it's not into the I blew kisses into the box. We're all for you daddy wrong. Well man was press and he put his arms around his little daughter and he begged her for her forgiveness and he told me that. He kept that gold box by his dead for years and whenever he was discouraged. He would take out an imaginary kiss and remembered the love of his daughter who would put it there. You know in a very real sense. Every parent each one of us has been given a gold container filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children and there's no more precious possession anyone could hold. So when you get a stressed out or upset or depressed this holiday season. Stop for a moment and think of the blessings that you receive from your children each and every day. And try to use up all of those kisses before they become teenagers. Because they go bad there. Yeah. Yeah that's.