Tuesday, August 7th

There's a new illness you can catch from you have it?  Find out..

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There's a new illness out there and did he is an illness that people get from an apt not. So that's got to scary I don't know you can catch illnesses from apps would it be when you're looking damage yours so far I've had so long that she can live Jamaica because it's taking so arts far worse than that ultimately yes. It's a mental illness. It is called snap Chad does more Fiat. Them and do what it is is people all. It will use the filters on snaps that to make themselves look more beautiful in their opinion. In some cases rather extremely. By doing things like. On giving themselves Fuller lips were much bigger guys are thinner noses. And then they go to a plastic surgeon and say they want to look like these snap chat filter. Okay wow okay. This is according to the Boston university school of medicine there's been a big increase in the number of people who are getting plastic surgery to look like they're snapped chat filters I wanted to puppy ears and I said now don't puppy ears all those big ugly guys have a cigarette and I. I had a look at that. Not the ones and tell them yes. Now that's what they want it zone not the big good yes it is. Yeah how many times that's a yes or you don't I don't particularly drama the same one remark times Obama precinct. Not the bigger guys I'm talk. About yea it is assessed as they say it's an alarming trend because these sell these often present and unattainable. Look and blur the line of reality and fantasy says they're asking for something that isn't even possible to do it's fantasy. Like those big Google the eyes is now. A. I think maybe is that my friend took a picture media day she posted by Saad I'm like well you know my skin looks really pretty head. And that's certainly. How much of the filter did you put a match I worked for a long time. I can't believe what you see that it's not sure I'll have somebody tell me or my its Olympic years and now she really isn't naturally like that after a couple of hours of work. And I thought I do. I feel like I can tell when the filters the European side and I'll even tell my wife sometimes she loves filters and I'll say that's too much no none of us look like this we looked like plastic people you have to give it mannequin of almond Jamie right there. I get a look at my Google guys that's not real Obama does and that is that. Here's the thing is these people see these insane things and then somehow believe that is actually possible because since they can do it on the apple why can't you do it in this surgery in the operating room and that's disturbing they say these people don't have a firm grip on reality because they believe since they've seen it in the app they should be all that haven't realized. Leaves some of those Hollywood stars man go overboard and him like Joker smile from them in the movies and stuff like some of those women that are out there and how did they think that they look good now. You know their friends and got it beyond boy that's the American talent now. You look great now. Did you don't want to be the ones it's Alan you've got to Joker smile because they can't fix it at that point now on what is it it's like you know build towards users like. Maybe yeah all of a sudden it's over and over and over again until it like. You know who that person one of my wife's favorite shows that she will drag me in their watch it was there is called botched. And it's a show where people of messed up on plastic surgery and says they come in and supposedly are gonna fix it. It sometimes I think it looks better when they're done right but a lot of times it's like it's matter of that there was no way they were gonna completely fixed that. A lot of times it's people who went to like another country get it done and they end up having a janitor is some hospital do their plastic surgery on their a hundred dollars behind on Macs don't have it that an all joking aside what really happens is a lot of times that going for some delicate plastic surgery in the end it within like a pediatrician. Who was a real doctor but he's not a doctor trained to do this kind of where I suppose they think they're getting all this good stuff done and it doesn't work out any case you'd want a board certified plastic surge. I end up doing that how much cheaper. Alliance itself and they can do the big do you guys like this black on that does big group Leon I guess asked. Especially. I'm Cathy glass. I'm. Move.