Thursday, January 11th

Tom believes that we will all eventually be connected to the internet 24/7, do you?   Well, it's starting now with your underwear..  Listen and find out how..


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Heidi is not in the studio right now I asked -- lane had to come and if she would talk with us about this next subjects so far I have told you guys over and over again that I believe we will all eventually be connected to the Internet horny for seven yeah I think it always start with like the Google glasses. Eventually we'll have navy contact lenses where you're always able to see the Internet and you know check things out you may look at something in the grocery store will immediately show you what prices it is at other places today you'll get a text message and see it instantly scan across your I have law. And then eventually they'll start tapping into our brain stems and and before you know it will all just be jacked into the Internet together on how 19. I look forward to the day that this happened second and all that traffic accidents that's gonna happen now and you're online and you're trying to drive to work and OK you know you're able your Carl B steering for you by then and it'll be looking our your contact lenses that the world in making sure you they'll be less car accidents then. Think about how you have to like attach yourself to computer. With a muzzle awards in the be like you know like you put it to Georgia Georgia disputed U Billy good news. I was so they're not doing mentioning I mean I think used the intelligence but I'm like hello Adam. And you know what they'll be people like you delayed as well he left behind and they'll be walking around in the real world and yell don't pay attention to them because they're all jacked into the Internet world and I'm an appeals so much my happy. I don't know about that as I'm going to be in my world I'm gonna be that man ever was gonna highlight duties the man in the navy in the real world though and even cares about in my world I'm the man finally he's the man. Do you think this is gonna happen in your lifetime unfortunately I don't think we're gonna get all the way there in my lifetime and I'm glad you asked because I wanna share with you the next step in this evolution ounce can available now Elaine is not gonna do that but I'm ordering mine today. Our company has just come out with Smart underwear. They're called it's again within extra guy SK II and and they basically interact with your body and they connect to your Smartphone would blues is. And the new and Smart underwear cost 350 dollars for a week's worth so I guess that's five of them are seven of them I'm not sure yet on the exact details of that. But here's the thing. The they will keep track of things like your hydration levels they'll keep track of your heart rate you can't picture. They will basically. Check up on your health and constantly interact even to the point where you can program it to work with your thermostat in your house. If it's ease the your hot it will turn the thermostat down. If it's easy your cold it'll turn the thermostat. How's that going to work because a lot of times some hot because I have clothes on mine over mount onto your but yet my. Outside my arms and legs are Cole knee comments about it and it was time here we couch in his tiny wise rod so yeah I. I thought these engineers have thought this through they spent some time wearing them they probably warn them like music Cato with their clothes and they figured out what to actually adjust the thermostat to make them comfortable except women who are never happy. With a better. I. Well Tom you think that that's all it's gonna do but these engineers there's something out of those on the way that is going to be doing OK you're right I think they might track skid marks still well Tom we don't need and all that thing you know they're saying they're gonna track your hydration levels and they can definitely tell if you that way humans to during busy my accidentally what you're Smart underwear. But I think also they could maybe get to the point where they can guide analyze what you ate for dinner and whether it was good for you and I exit. In your. Well for men. That it just there's a lot of things I think they could eventually track that we might not even realize it first. But even with just your heart rate and you can't pitcher in your hydration levels and some of those things they're gonna know a lot. And they about Tom's patty bodies and its orbit and but he's only other time like around the waist and don't like when you take blood pressure that company. Yeah I'd be the same thing count with a tiny bodies Albanian be so tied. Can you imagine you're walking down a street sized object your blood pressure at all that you're like gluten ball. That would be awesome. I then added that the ad and I did a great idea. There's going to be wires down man no wires it's also own in everything is they look very much like regular underwear on the put it up on her FaceBook page. UT's they looked very attractive are. Well I don't wanna data manned with skin under way you wouldn't even though you would never know that they were Smart underwear. Has talked via I'll be honest just seeing the pictures online I've read the way the wind pains. Listening in though hockey team haven't always looked underwear and what we need is like. Underwear with a Lex handles him. Elect semi hot. It is getting a little bit Kato and then a mile after this exists and where it'll be women's draw there'd have our cross our bras part of that is called underwear though if it's like not even. It is passage. War might be like oh my gosh I just saw a guy like here at the broad and both of them puff up a little bits look at it is the image and sound and family. My life's all about that and asking you closer to virtual reality. That's good now no virtual reality is awesome out documents drift its way better than real life in virtual reality there's no woman sitting there going no no no. Yeah. Good.