Friday, June 22nd

Do you think Mosquitos are smart?  Well, turns out they are..  Listen and find out how..

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Because something bugging me right now on human bodies and you know talking about it I can't think we have a choice right. I mean I think yes sure go ahead auction mosquitoes. Volume era and a half of us out that I have to say this is my answer now. Now married to her that well the race severing a sudden out of there Australia I don't know why no it did not swat those two mosquitoes on the arc. But I wish him and and potato was talking about mosquitoes. Yesterday I made a post on how to kill mosquitoes OK and I needed. Definitely your body's bottom very carefully and then and it is like a trap percent the right yeah we'll track is that you take salt like tequila a stake in Iraq and what happens is the mix. Skeeter thinks the salt sugar. He eats it in he's gonna get thirsty he thinks the white tequila as water yeah drinks it Vinny gets drunk. He starts to walk away he tripped over the stake hits his head on the rock in kills. It's that simple. While that first parts unlike my birthday and a half. You're gonna have this big hit. I can't not that hot. There isn't any mosquito killer right there yet for me but yeah. I don't believe it not as well. They racer John mosquitoes and mosquitoes are Smart mosquitoes have good memories and remember people who swat at them. And can recognize certain humans they say now with research yes. Thinking and that's from Virginia Tech. So they like come back and dive bomb you and it looks specifically for you and yours water avoid you don't then they'll avoid you can just wanna. Yeah OK yeah so tribes want to leave no you don't get them. They just walk anytime you walking out you just it's just. You know you can't waiting hands in the air and elves get a labor and yes Qaeda that is the way to do it you will end up with free room and board still at Marshall picked and that's. From afar will look at you funny. Eloquent and here's what Monday's. But scientists have found that the leading factor in attracting mosquitoes this audio order. Yeah those voters are more than deep or hurt more than skin deep and may vary from person to person. So it's that depends on your individual body chemistry. My wife attracts mosquitoes like crazy today and my daughter does my daughter has a horrible. And reaction to her bites and at the end like most you'll get a mosquito bites like the size of maybe a tip to your pinky finger idea. Hers is like the size of a baseball. Is how big swells up around there well here are some things where things that attract mosquitoes. Sweating a lot. They're attracted to the moisture and the smile. And the body heat and so that's why you know here around some term sweat and that's why go under the mosquitoes today that's weird because I sweat a lot and I don't get as many mosquitoes as no lie just try to sweat less than the person standing beside. He'll bust. I do sometimes okay and they say they haven't smelly feet attracts mosquito. The more you stink and you smelly feet staying the more likely your to get bit he's talked to my alive and we'll see how they get up properly and I long way to mask that sand is peppermint moisturizer they said. And today you know I remember growing up there was an Avon moisturizer or something that was supposed to ward ski is dishonest soft Fiat. But I remembered impasse Internet telephony. Real bug repellent obviously works or two races you know spray your stinky feet I don't know but the palace weird like that because they say it's more about hiding you from the bug than it is about something that's repels them does that make sense not at all well supposedly. What you put on you to get the bugs not to buy you isn't something that makes them run from you it's something that makes you invisible to them OK on that note they say. Dark clothing. They're more attracted to it because it's easy to cities. You're less likely be bit by a mosquito if you Wear white now we've got down in the bottom of it this is why mosquitoes attacked my wife and they don't attack me. My wife has a beautiful hands skin and I look like Casper the friendly ghosts. So they're just not seen me. They can be so they're attracted to dark clothing and they don't go for a white clothing I'm like at T shirts everywhere and so would you know it's where why did you novice. Pasty wise time. And has gotten decades. And this is why I think trap works you've been on FaceBook. And candidates say weird things attract mosquitoes drinking. Researchers have found you're more likely to get bitten by mosquito if you've been drinking. But there's still not sure why that. It's I think the mosquitoes are drawn to his party in two days we'll. If it in I believe that yeah it. It's. A wonder why you're sitting on the pool and you're not really sweating that much and all of us and the mosquitoes come and attack you it's because you're likely. He now you've got your barbecue when you catch cocktails and they're just coming right action. Well Heidi I mean you've been drinking movement it's like that they're billing them to the bar. Yeah I think that's what it is it's not because the person's drunk or whatever it's because the mosquitoes like happy hour yeah. It's hot happy hour. You're serving alcoholic drinks do on the yeah. And then they go off they drove on the sticker argue over the stated in eight ahead router. Is awesome I'll go to the pool in decade Heidi can go Girard exit. Yeah. She's buzz this up however and.