Tuesday, September 11th

Do you sleep naked?  Well, most young people do....and so does Tom.  He explains it all on this latest podcast..

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It turns out that I have something in common with a bunch of millennia Els. Two thirds of millennia ills saying. That they sleep. Without any clothes time. Who now I started sleeping neck did a few years back whatever us haven't problems we'll match acid reflux and doctors say then you said day you know you're squeezing your belly at night when every year. Going to bed and if you just had dinner your press and on it was those elastic waist bands because we're tied to IDs. And he said if you sleep connected you'll put as much pressure on me you might have less acid reflux. Is I went to sleep connected. OK so any of that we were talking about like what the house catches on fire. And reversing years grabs your palmary. It's sort of an orchestrating a story about a house fire the firemen showed on the guy comes in the door naked and Kenya my what do you do. Grand isle Pomeranian in this. There's a very large Pomeranian and I yeah. I want to. Problem what this is that you know I started this back for it kids. And my daughter is not a big fan of measly connected. She will like sleep on she wanted to get on the on the same side of the bed as I've been on OK she's like she doesn't wanna lay and the covers were dad's been neck before her point there even a little too. You look at. With your son Mike do you say yes and times of Carlin did it drive you lose. Mickey daddy there I got body pillow with when it's a good day ideas test online and it's. A weird they called me two and half half I'm and his weird. Yeah I've I've started trying to Wear underwear when I think the kids are an in depth in the bed for some reason or like if I have to go lay down with them up put on underwear unless. I used to just take a Pomeranian. I I Wear underwear and had alcohol on my neighbors that's that think still. Yeah because when does it look in. But. But apparently Moline meals are also doing this they say that it keeps them free and happy. And the big complaint they're getting a lot of the colonials is getting is their moms and dads or complain about it because you know a lot of stand counselors 46 or whatever and says the mom and dad like please sleep with some clothes on an idea that any one time but signal you sleep in underwear than. And other boxers yeah I can't you know. And the boxers they don't like it specifically because my turnover they've gone out of me sometimes so why do you do this then. Well I don't mostly naked is that she is creepy. Who came in I don't like tiny why these assets tied he has to tie it when you sleep in the summer doctors said. Did you do boxer briefs in bed. Not as much boxer briefs because they are little tighter so I will thrown like a pair of big box as I have or I'll sleep naked and in all the panel up my sheets are clean way to sick you just called me out for sleep the next it I know you admit that you do it I don't want kids that come and Aaron Klein and David. But I'll only do it it's Bob just wash sheets anonymously neck until they really that's the best time in the Oakland Wayne before I get them parity. And of course Heidi Ewing yes you sleep naked guys are close beside you bed for a case that far illness is ready let me jump do you shoes and an environment yeah. Yeah I am I. And we play again and again. Let's talk about it again now huh huh huh. Oh you have a set out so that like they're on like a manic in her sentencing you can just dipped into bomber had as though word. Have issues on the bottom and I folded pajama pants right there so that literally when I turn to get off the bed might be can go right in the pajama. Bottoms and right into the issues. And I grabbed. Near the back of the door mind. Pajama top and stomach can be out of outdoor itself. A lot like the way that man would put on his bat seat it was almost automatic for him but he's up on that gross part of turning in. Not that I that I didn't think she's in bed anymore which turned out to do you have a polling your bedroom. Idea that instantly outside I. Like how I. After patient. As. Well it's. Hello initiative. And the first floor because you know things for. Okay well. That they say that a lot of the baby boomers are seriously and is that they didn't expect so many of the millennial today and I salute you. As a you know a boomer who sleeps and get guys salute you'll meals for sleeping nude too we have something in common and half is that we heard that when you say I salute you I picture you'd naked solidity. Yes I. But it.