Thursday, January 12th

There's a new way to date.....Skype Dating.  Have you tried it?  Jillana has her first one tonight, listen and find out how it works.


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Apparently there's a new way today. And you're gonna have some kind of like computer I've pan or cellphone to do this day now before you say that I'm not so sure I'm ready to accept that there's a new way to date just with those delayed until. That's true that's true. Bizarre. That issues tell me hey I have a date tonight and I'm like oh really were you going to. There's nowhere so it's a line. This data apparently it's called this guy date. Is this guy today begala. I was positive and that's very erupt but I was going to say earlier is this a virtual day so I guess that is is it is an update apparently gave DOD computers cell phone or whatever you set it up and you have a date. Well it's outlet. And yet it's certain circumstances because this guy I met him downtown a month again he's from Nashville. You know series from editor Alan and and events that happen and slash static right yet within that shedding every day we gotta get flamed out and and then he called me one night and then from the call he said you know we really need to Skype each other. Or are you sure you know what he meant by that I'm this season. So here's the thing is you're going to be doing this virtual date. I mean what's the difference in that snaps that needs that other bowl ten seconds verses and let's hope two hours. At least aren't in for two hours and guys you gotta get dressed it make up on to sit there aren't aren't you taken to a restaurant and put the phone in the across the table. No I plan on sitting on my bed and. Which by the way I'm gonna fix it up in the bag a lot of pillows of OK six because I was thing is they think you know much like deep experience in these guys is just. The industry have a conversation we get a life a day now this is the guys showed up on New Year's Eve and stuck his tongue down your throat yeah. Then yeah no doubt I remember well I just as if it's a start date they kiss is not going to be good at the end of the day. It different is that they can yon and. I am I gonna be here. Donations. After talking to you can tell a lot by guys. Is mannerisms as always. I think it's great exactly because third take he can not figure out ads are really I can't bribe their text messaging Sully did weigh it grade we're gonna get a little six pack and enjoy the absolute dog and. They are not doing dinner because I mean I would think maybe you should sit down at a table maybe even at a restaurant. Set your phone up across from neo. And then he would be on the phone like you would be looking at him talking to be at a restaurant now and able and you can eat just like you normally. I have like the strings at the right and the waitress comes to the all right want to see more than a pass on having any he had nothing that's like it's embarrassing. Well dressed and you're on the radio right now it's embarrassing are adding. It's not okay what's the difference everyone I'll say this is out of state so they can make the difference now if you guys with this type date and he lives in your CD. Well I think. That's a bad that's not necessarily because what I was saying goes a little bit before we could do the video to video so much that's been. I've been married for over ten years so if they had had that then there was times whenever I met a girl that a club one side and then I got home on the computer is he started AOL instant messaging. If we could have Skype we would have sky and because we could have been seen each other's faces yet but if a guy calls thank you wanna go up front and I sure us computing. I guess that's half that's bad that the pressure yourself because of I don't like them I can just disconnect a well yeah. Do you know why I lost a lot through just like Heidi walking out of the restaurant leave in the got there well that's that he was ringed. Hope you get like just take your iPad to the movies. Saddam. X yeah at that if you FaceBook live did everyone can watch the movie I think. Yeah that's illegal as of nine. I love this idea I've actually seen it go a step further you can buy these things on Amazon it's like a little row dials and you know split you put it this book are you put the iPad in the row by way it would head would be incident when you talk to this person. It's like they have a robot body with their face on the ipad's screen and making now. Resolve it tonight on that hardly knew how to fly it by your not a good time at a later crawling around and walk around your thing and the guy away K let's think of it like a girl tonight she's all nervous about dresses but that's what I was also thinking about the back and background anymore that's that I was some of the restaurant the restaurants like a real date if you did. You know it would annoy use emblems on the phone Booth next to you were the table next year not on the phone you're talking back and forth just like the person there. Access is weird I know that's what makes it's so cool basically it's a cheap date you gotta admit that so I would Mo it's the fault for the I. A night and into. They I yeah you. Pretty sharing your travel. I'm glad to be man on the ski and I mean my wife and Iowa text each other sometimes in the house that we don't date on sky well it's the first time I've heard of this guy and it's that thanks for sharing and Angelina you. NTELOS howling. I will yet there was an economic he has and how. Part of all things that we can just watch any air of color our democracy and.