Tuesday, September 11th

What tricks did you do to get out of going to school?  Listen to what some kids do.....and it's pretty sneaky..

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I think this is interesting with school starting back but one of the things they don't tell you about whenever you become apparent is that you have to become a CS I investigator. And you also have to have a little bit of a hat doctor house's abilities as well today to try to chase down these various ailments that your kids yet and make sure they're not making them up. Doctorate for example when I was in school I had a friend you had a unique way of getting out of school law. He would eight get a couple of cookies. He would chew up in his mouth that he would take it water bottle and splashes around in his mouth then pour the water bottle into the toilet and split the cookies out just as his mom was nearby. She would hear the splash or walk in the bathroom and he would say to mom I'm feeling sick and threw out all good ones you would see that cookie crumbled stuff than there is water mixed together in the toilet and think he had thrown up and he can get out of school that way. You didn't check his temperature nothing that's throw up was enough to proved her he had done it course after the you know. Fourth week in a row. Look at it every day and a bag of cookies are on the guy how hot. If they don't want entry mistakes and he's everything I. Get blue's. Word the phrase cost you can. Creative thinking you are you. Yes at one point he had to switch to a can of peas and I think he used to Canaccord another time I was now he's possessed them that there was kind of weird just like. Have all you eaten today is he's so yeah. But all that's kind of I think you know Oscar worthy move through kids' school. We've had a problem our son had evening get in the stomach cramps at school so we're trying something to see if we're take him off of dairy products deceived areas given him a problem at school. And you know after a week so far he's been doing better we're thinking no dairy products for we've always known that he seemed to be a little bit lactose intolerant and we give them those black tape pills skylight Dino. Except it isn't keep you from far adding it's just to make your stomach not hurt when you we milk prize. Both were kind of haven't played doctor house here to try to figure out if we can and you know narrowed down what this thing is it's causing problems. Isn't the because you got to take your temperature and and stuff like that you can't. Hoffman with Clinton in his stomach problems they can say on CA can variety you know they really. I get out of school. And digital video today and they really can't stomach problem. Well we're we're pretty sure it was well we always do we like let's get that rectal thermometer out bill now what did this to get by. They'll go to school yeah yeah I thought that I can't go. Because it's a much better and the. I'm ago. He SS back on the line or this seems like you basically threatening year kid with torture of a horrible nature to get to India the school. When you look at it that way by if you look at it that way yet there. Alec and different light and a good. But yeah I think there's probably a lot of people out there who had some pretty good tricks for full their parents. One of the ways my parents would do it is they just set up a rule that he stayed home from school you couldn't do any of the fun stuff. There's no video gaming there was no anything fun at all and so you'd then you would weigh it out would I rather go to school and at 3 o'clock am free to do any thing or do I want to stay home and not be able to do anything all day and I've heard the story of the advocate taken the thermometer and holding against the light via to make it warm it known as temperature was like 200 yeah yeah I. You gotta learn how to that's that's where you know if you gotta Smart hitter down yeah ha ha astronaut. I'm sorry kid has got a 101 fever that dumb kids got a 250. Degrees Celsius it's got half a point you know the dumb kid needs to ghost oh yeah I. I had 250 degree fever you need to get this pillow I don't steal math. Or science aside.