Wednesday, February 14th

Go you give the "Silent Treatment" in your relationship?  If so, how long do you give the "Silent Treatment"?  Find out everything you need to NOT be doing with this latest Hawk & Tom Show Podcast..


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Heidi he's given us the silent treatment four and I think your prize when those people league as a silent treatment probably even with your new boyfriend. Yeah and in this country. We really fought yet. I'll come along and that's a lie he's huge army fight the way up. So I went opinions. I don't un on it yet let's check the text messages usually Texas. Talking about this right now and not tech yeah. I hate when I definitely get it I do gives ID it is selling treat it like as I don't wanna say something that I am gonna regret. And I don't wanna make it worse and I have to think about what's going on Biron myself from the situation. Now how long should be silent treatment plants on the questions they ask here is should never have the silent treatment it's terrible touch on now I would say. That you probably still be in your relationship. And did the silent wrong if you're upset at people. But I also radiate these powerful. And half thick waves of upset in this that people immediately. I. You guys even talk about it like I can't hold him back I can't pretend like nothing is wrong when something's wrong okay Colin would you like Colin recall. Outing it's annoying to your feelings are. That's what my wife and causes an outing to. But it's good pouting because it works for years actually. Kind of big baby about it it's a little bit yeah police out in all the most positive ways I agree with that and I just gives Autry because I'm a big baby or a moment. Oh yeah. I'm a baby in a moment while tell you why it's not a good idea for a woman he gets out intraday my wife gave me this out extremely alliance for almost two days and I didn't notice I was kind of like. I think it's very quiet around here lately does look nice as well we upset Hadi as much as possible here. Now and uncles so if you get the silent treatment of for you Thomas a silent treatment I can't last very long at all either I understand how less than an hour now can and I can hold out till icebergs melt season. How do you like this is awesome our relationship is go right. Okay most women said a day. That's okay treatment that's a long time gaffe an hour was next and today so let's not long let me get the silent treatment is kind of walking off feud exploded in your life I'm done I think their intention is to have to make it last two week that they need something in an hour ya okay though gas. You guys early adult but that little secret weapon they don't use very often and that is just a little bit being Lovie Devi can can melt terror I think. Can it can change things. No learning remain alive when she's mad I tried that should give me Elmo and a stomach. Now I come up behind her job is like her any year Washington this is so good right now I've read it yet and now sometimes the united. It could be Allen misunderstand. You still washing the dishes or was it your gut is composed and I think is on purpose okay her answer was the week. A one week all week given someone a silent treatment that's crazy you're psychotic person if you do that. Well not always a hot. Yes. You are nuts cheese stake in the very long about what you need to say yeah. Processing what just went on Simon for the situation yes cigar I. I updated six like that back up those they're crazy with those were the ones who went on and you're like oh my god that war was crazy united realizes. You may does that weigh now if we go week dashing is that way for I ever met her educators to. I didn't Alec. I'm not have to yeah. Get a ticket I just didn't break it up there OK okay. How rabid dogs his plan. Yeah I never thought I'd like that. Those facing Psycho. And you don't talk it out who would be this behind them.