Monday, August 13th

Do you love going to the Fair?  Then you need to listen to these signs you're at a bad fair..

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You know there's a lot of county and state bears out there and this time a year when a lot of them come through them. And you've got to be careful look at some of these fairs are bad news is we just read the other day about one of these amusement park deals. Where they had that pirate ship for a high rise and goes like that the pendulum. That some of them actually flipped over him or the breaks went out on this and it wouldn't ten minutes to slow it down and stop that I don't know they just didn't think about pulling the plug or how that works but they the people on it got off they were sick Europe's that. I'm sure that they were stumbling their way as fast as they could to the mayor's lawyer. There's a lot of money is to be gotten from amusement park like that crime. But it's important you do your homework before you go to one of these fairs. I mean. Kinds of funds to be paired according to Korea and you don't have to sign an affidavit and I'm not stand sorry affidavits and saying do your homework make sure you're not going to a bad state county fair okay and here's some things you can do to make sure that you have picked got a good there and watch for this time. For example of bad affair would be a fair where the featured restaurant in the food court is big but his bat barbecue no again yet it just it sounds good but dress in the you don't want that. That man in the tunnel out of it that's a real and I didn't make that and a couple of real place. Up as bad barbecues but bad can be good maybe it's and it's due. That you like that cars dad. You know means that you could still change named Bubba I thought. Another sign you could be that bad Stater county fair is if the lost and found is just to cage full of crying children. Hall that's that's not. That's not good if that's their headings you either business. And just don't they don't this is a sign you're at a bad fair if your corn dog just moved. It's squirming. I. As you tell via the court's important to me if the beer garden that's huge she choose between cold that he lied or room temperature in that in light. That's not a good and Nancy. Naturalized all all the natural line as he was Matty. That school mystical it is absolutely. Yeah. Any fatalities or natural for Madonna's nanny know you do only when it's a man that guy. Look at it and this and will do an urban dictionary segment later on the show right now we're due in that county fair. If the petting zoo has a dog or cat and a seven year old man and rocking chair. Yeah and I post grandpa what benefits. It's the fair recommends that everyone posting uses the hash tag bad county fair. The bad as England well I don't that's a tree and I. Complicated just ban them anti gay. How I another sign that it's a bad there is that they just takes the brakes on the pirate ship righted now it only lasts for three minutes. Okay fair and hate those rides when you get on and in like his second you know like you. To get poems now time rise in the stock. And for you and you've been on an hour yeah. RI. That there at the new item on the menu this year is deep fried oil. I the other always surprise. Oreo Cookies QB camp of that I don't think this. If the zip line and ropes course is really just the latter up to the power lines by the road. That's an Iraq. If the sign on the rise says seven days since last workplace injury and yeah because they only set up every week so that would be. If even the beverages are served on a stick. He. I. Okay yeah I mean you can freeze too late and stuff like that means yeah if you can't tell the difference between the beauty contest in the livestock contact. Yeah and metal. And finally the bumper cars look suspiciously like riding lawnmowers and the ride operator is missing some toes. On his foot that's a bad fair. Or is bad meaning meaning good to be a good fit because the bumper cars were actually lawn mowers.