Thursday, March 8th

Are you a good Shopping Cart driver?  Do men drive better than women?  Hawk has the breakdown on this latest podcast..


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I currencies shopping at the grocery store them in a better. And the women at Dillon a specific task okay probably driving the shopping carts that's right talent is there really. You know why yeah. Yeah that are better drivers. And even make the ones that look like race cars now Cecil and how we get when I go to the store. How difficult is it I know rise to drive I think Q would be better at hiding ha ha ha. This nearly three quarters of the male shoppers question rated their skills as excellently comes driving the shopping cards. 60% of women. Rated themselves highly excellent and I'll be honest I think second parallel park one of those shopping cars better than anyone Allison has racing cars shopping carts there. Hard drive because there's they stick weighing out. Had one the other day there was tied in and loose in the middle. I'll it'll picker coming up I was all right guys we got to clean this out man get loose off the turns does that include if you're good at driving your car does that include junior leading in the middle now blocking everybody that does that you know as. Does that getting I don't think that's what they were asking about on this surveil if you do that in your horrible drive. It myself cameras obviously. And the women do bump into more things went with the justice shopping at Hershey store that's addressed if it's because you know they have kids yet again that. Idea. I think matter of fact that's where they should put the kids is underneath the shopping cart this handle seeing them perform well the race car Owens I'm. Think it might be what their four is that kids. But that does kind of top commander there and I saw mom went like four kids and until Ronnie side machines on the cellphone and you know you don't have this. You may have just figured out part of the problem odd or distracted there on the cell phone just like when they're drive and there are doing that instead of concentrating on driver whereas the men are going through this door. We're worried about Howard drive in the carton we're concentrating on it. Maybe you know women surveyed just lacked the confidence to say they were good shopping cart drivers he just said they also did camera citing yeah trust. Yet those. Yeah static ram in today's like you know boost the blue mayors. Like they're out on the road as well on the got a little Michaels up there and they're trying to push those huge cards are you an old lady and the way reality Q tip there. That. They also obviously say that the kids that he had in accidents when it comes to shopping cards to be care for your run of the toes a phone. Some. Yet that is the toes as no big deal what amazes me is the moms that will let their kids end up while shopping carts. That I get nervous it's not even my kid and all I can think of is there noggin hitting that hard. Concrete floor and might this town it's gonna makes going to be like a watermelon when you drop one I was. Shopping at target that's exactly would happen across the I lose it was horrible. There's another little boy was walking. Along side and on the mom of course grabbed up the little girl. And I went overnight try to get the little boy. Just that he wouldn't be upset we all went to customer service that this child was just leaving. It at it involved and everybody. The mom out and it's getting their just it was just awful sight. There are portraying. Let me go check it out there like code Adam this lawless try to kill all away. Once it does get involved or something happens to a time who's you have something stolen years. Shopping currently your purse or some stolen money averaged and in my handbag into my wallet. How funny yeah its original it is kind solid and I don't know. Those are all how. And you and broke at the time highs and you know as a college and it was awful so now I just don't period likable in the store. But that would happen to strap serves in Mosul straps which is carried it you know keep it close keep an eye on it you should just. I trying to. It was a softening of the day and a law passed the woman her car her purse sitting there and I looked over and saw I think and I can probably just grabbed that up you knew you'd think yeah I'm not gonna do it. He grabbed at first like I was only well no wonder you're sitting there thinking about it well as I didn't know that and it apparently. That would be a good torture accused in a public service team. How do I. But it's not like the grabber line no wonder Heidi it's okay. Limited Wednesday that more women stop finance for directions was shopping done my job. Hi. And a fun. I think what the pork and beans are good at I. I've made a last part you know you can just plug it UGP has. They should have that sound GP all right let's show our interview I kept working beings and I turned lasted dial four. A couple of.