Monday, March 12th

Have you ever been in a a library?  Hawk has this crazy story on the latest podcast..


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A lot of times we think about the library thing about people being quiet nice and studious people obeying the rules you know I think didn't she just if they go much. Okay. Well police were called to library in California. And witnesses say two people began arguing and eventually gotten to a five after one of them sleeps. OK now the other person sitting here until this laser he made to leave the firm. Because he's he'll give people sick. All right OK I can understand that emotion. Okay because I feel that way whatever I'm somewhere and so starts hacking and coughing like a restaurant and I always wobble removal wave. Especially with the south pollute it has been so bad lately and I think that's than. A because I had this happen a friend I was downtown with a friend and I went to the bathroom and this man was coughing at the table next to us and I came out of the bat in my brain had moved to a totally different part of the restaurant yeah about that left my drink at the table but who was this friend just some old girl. I mean. I always hero it's. There'll yeah I don't care rules. Asus filling I had to charities these ads on your drink and I didn't mind BC's Donna and I just. I'm amazed that customer customer okay sit on in their own. But it wasn't there when the waiter it was a customer customer who knew we moved because of hand we're it was obvious and I came out of about the owners that my only drink. Take the next tournament he's an Indian look and governance of the window crossed the unlike. She's still Heidi got another listener upset with a seat in about it is. You know when an endless video can be a listener asked that it is okay. He buzz and you could have probably looked but I look at. That is not the judge there's so I can tell our listeners are nicely dressed their mature and a nice peace and have good manners and listings in your dream. Not all of them. It. Galilee but right now I think. Course and I've always told you about cashier's sneeze and you know as yeah. Aid that in your very yours your money back am. That's so frustrating because you don't want to be mean this happened to us on Saturday morning. We are where act kids' zone doing a live broadcast analysts that down to promotions is also the boss's daughter showed up and she had a Wiki cause all like its knees and a cough going on it's I was like hey are you -- yeah are you ill because we don't you know her radio DJ is we don't wanna called we don't look at it's like oh no I think it's just an allergy thing as like stay away. Terrorist as at hog go get your hands sanitized there is seen as a why have some hands sanitized there and I sit I'll take hawks think you know who don't don't you love everybody blames allergies. I know you had pneumonia yeah. IG and well. Days any with all the blooms come on trees and everything it could very well geez. There's people die from the flu right now I don't wanna gamble that want to blow him coming out what she's neat it looked like a blue. Okay this or this guy sneezed. And the before you know people go. Should she does and I'm not sake it was just listening eighties era again and we are. Few minutes later they started pushing each and show an aggressive. One individual was taken the hospital how all after this fight in Iowa where are sick yeah. Go the driest is that bad things I don't know which one of the moment. I call them easy yeah. That's going too far away the dog gamble on the flu Sones going to be me. But if they're not gonna beat me up I want him to leave when learning to like I've I'm not gonna fight someone to make them leave. If if they're sneeze and they're gonna fight mean yeah I'll let of the samba but you would really call someone out there have been -- you didn't know coughing or sneezing next few arming I would never call on when I mean I don't walk away yeah Martha that's call him out his own way when Amin now would make it obvious you guys just told us a story where you're there hi I feel yeah non confrontational. Though say something I mean what is there's so well phrase for that it's passive aggressive is what that Wright is death and dismemberment yourself from the situation on what or five Heidi if I was as surprised by the grizzly bear Heidi. If I went and sat next to her audiences are at the Tonight Show holders sit down to it hurts. I've read how to fight grizzly bears out on how to fight.