Thursday, July 12th

Did you miss Selfie Day?  Have you ever taken a selfie in the shower?  Hawk has all the details on this National day..

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It was nationals LP today. And some weird self eazy. I mean usually it's the person than their self today 57. Percent of people say that they've taken Sanofi. In the shower. You saw that I don't know I heard about it is that I thought the phone company we come arrest you if you did that is now. Well I guess you seem like I. I read about it to be careful with them water in the fine. Well depends on your phone a lot of phones or water resistant now you have to take itself in Asia are just that review could do you I mean you wanna have that memory for later in life when you look as good that's why I've taken all my needs so these. Maybe you've shampoo your hair and he got a funny design yet you Toro left on top you're like that's funny on the show my friends and family. Green county and so my friends and Stanley whether they wanna theatre guy. So please only 6% say they've done it in the bathroom stall. What Opel itself. Four. The back and endure is this is somebody lines okay that's not something. Known as I can't Napster never mind half half half. The bathrooms Dolly now. It's the only if I was because I don't like if you install it I'm willing to take minimum. I'm not I. I'm where place people have taken a stealthy at a funeral. And I don't even like pictures made it again a bit but security groups LT. I mean I don't think you'll be standing right there by the body and taken that they'll be but that's exactly what you need to pay below is still felt these are exactly have. Now there's mean grandma. Okay the one I saw line was some people at a funeral they were dressed up and they weren't there is taking we easier whenever with. That's the real easy yes for and I see now I will say a lot of times that's about the only Tom family gets together which is bad so I mean it. The only opportunity to geared to gain evidence also your last opportunity get the picture with the deceased so it makes it sound like pictures of people like weird places to take yourself if they say while driving a car. I've done that people have done a lot of people didn't cast of the stoplight. This argument that dangerous to the other road unless you like gates who worried about how you're here is instead how how what's the reason to feel a little school. You think. Well I mean OK I have to ask you I itself while driving is it looks cool thank you. That's Volcom is going out in the parking lot if I'm looking cool. Present the chicks the girls email. Not just sits in the girls kids are impressed with that yeah right now look at me I just jealous busier Karl he'll out OK these are we're place. Take yourself week. At a crime scene during that is related story like a building that's on fire in your in the bank cards in the background and take himself but that might not be so bad but if you're a crime scene you're taken itself be that's just tacky or if you're like get a pool or a lake in your friends drowning behind you hey let's get Bob back there he can't swam well if you can't get to them what team as well at least yourself calm I did not see that on on line distillate Gina yet that seems very rare that is skating I'm just saying no Democrat. Yeah. And then finally we're place takes itself free is in the doctor's examination room okay that's not weird. We'll I take pictures of the doctor's office all the time. It be funny for got to take a picture of the doctor behind him. Well. I see what you're doing I. Don't shake up to. Back there and Avalon. And it would begin jive five. It would hurt that's okay don't you do not doing would do in this. Only uses one that is all I. You know it didn't smile today.