Monday, January 8th

Are you having a hard time keeping your New Year's Resolutions?   Listen up...  Tom has the secrets to keeping them, and it's pretty easy.


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Right now I am going to help you out with your New Year's resolutions and not only that. I am going to give you the secret to being happy in life Olga that's a pretty day in New Hampshire and I'm not. And throwing your about to sizzle no steak here I'm really going to hand the secret to being happy life all of five minutes about this league that are not your life for a bath you joking but I'm serious yeah. All right got this because I was reading an article about how to stick to your news resolution and the author of this. Study who is a doctor or psychiatrist. Said that the secret to keeping your New Year's resolution is here the following phrase. You look super hot race car. Now the reason that's so important is if someone comes up and then you're dieting and their like are you looking it you know that they're just saying that because they know you're diving and they're trying to make you feel better. But it's almost as he looks super hot that comes from inside that's a spontaneous. Sounding comment that they must really have a visceral emotion to. And there are like and you look also. This is not for someone who's actually I temperaturewise hot like sweaty that's correct K okay I share 'cause law. Code Houston and New Year's resolution is to look better. And is there one you'll lose it later anything like that this incursion by saying you know agree to know and exactly not what I just said OK so you like you looks super hot. And you're welcome writing bad see it does doesn't it make sure like man this is actually making a difference it's not just the usual things are my friends like how you look at your Guiding Light yes this is worth it is noticed Michael. So you can't say that to yourself those they were accurate grizzly and that's where we get to the secret of life the secret to making yourself happy and alive I can see you looked befuddled right now oddly that most of them and and don't worry I'm gonna try to get the vote for a moment and actually make this understandable CO. The secret to being happy in life is to surround yourself with people that are the kind of people that will say you look super hot. Get rid of the negative people in your life yet I quit my job okay did not that I did on the other and your friends or did you hang out is voluntarily. Bryant and hang out with people that are the kind of people that support you prop you up and make you feel good about yourself. You're gonna get some bad advice and life for people who are gonna tell you. Make sure you hang around what people that keep you grounded and keep you real. That's a big fat lie. What you want is to be surrounded by people that make you feel like you are the king or queen of the world and it is her brown so what else want you want the people and ouch I told that you hear this intelligently here it I didn't they'll be from Hyde. I would say you don't want the negative Nancy's in your line you know on the positive people in your life that's what I'd just sit there and you'll want to gonna tell you. Buys you know I heard a preacher say. She's so deep down she thinks their lives I. You know you can be a launch pad for somebody or early did. So if you'll be a launch pad you can make them feel much better about themselves they launch up in the air right can be Aaliyah had to shut him down and not being purging and I would be more encouraged. That's how I've been living my life trying to be encouraging I don't know how. I did start I go on FaceBook in someone's got something on there I make up positive encouraging comments that is not true this trio you'd just start on my FaceBook. I do I try to boost people up in life just not people that I work wiz obviously. I've gotten today we did this just start the first two years ago today as well and long time. No. You know what there's going to be some people that you give this gift too and there's going to be some people who haven't earned that yet then and then they may be beating you down so you don't lose them up maybe there's so when you depend on and they don't come through as they only use them but. But when it comes to just strangers I boost him up. I've gotten better gifts from Heidi. At. And I think that's pretty and I just told the value can be happy for the rescue life and we want to make you happy right now so if you're listening to news we just wanna say one thing. You look super high. Super super today the devil don't even think about the fact that we can't see you physically I.