Thursday, May 10th

It seems that the Royal Wedding is going to be in a theater near you....will you be watching?  Listen to this podcast and find out how Tom feels about it..


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Ever since the success of our show I've often wondered what people. Find entertaining. Why do you people are buying the things entertaining and that they do oh yeah. And this is another example where I'm just absolutely flummoxed I am confused beyond belief. But you may not know this on Saturday may the nineteenth. They are going to have 200 movie theaters all around the country. At 10 AM. Showing the same thing. People will be able to go to the movie theater here in America at 10 AM on Saturday the nineteenth to watch the wedding. Of prince hairy and meg and Marco. See ya gotta be like Superman and Wonder Woman. Now note I'd rather see that letting the all of us that people are comparing them to those to him yeah I solve unlike. Blue ones right there who would get out and go to the movies DH here to watch a wedding. There are entire brunch is restaurants are opening and it and serving bronze to be able to watch this role weddings as to where your best hat and outfit. All over the country they're doing in order to answer questions it's women it's high eighty women. I'm not a royal watcher I'm jealous I what I refuse to watch I should be the princess. So it didn't work out that way so I don't I'm not gonna be a part of that your closer to a queens I think you I do appreciate that. I didn't mean enough. I got a lot of girls are into that obviously you guys. That's the last thing when do we try to get out of waiting as much as pop rye yeah I will say if if I had a friend that was having a wedding and I could not have did fly to wherever they take part in it I would go to a theater and watch it there do you mind stepping that would enforce. Watch who's iPad but that's a thing you could watch this on TV at your house if you're a big fan that's true because it'll probably beyond few things every station is there a cost to get into the theater oh yes they're charged in the theme is like a movie and or should you buy snacks and everything. At least don't do this people. Whale and who like those royal weddings last forever don't they because well they file into the marriage writing yeah and the trains the train our address you know could be 1012 feet on she chooses that kind of dress. You know commuter getting your money's worth because you're gonna get to see The Spice Girls they're seeing and they may perform Elton John and is expected. Serena Williams is good friends live mega and so she's likely to be there. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham it's gonna be a star studded event and you can find out about this at fathom events. Dot com we can you imagine I mean with these long weddings already and it's being in the movie the year. And haven't watched you know an hour of trailers before hand and we can get there before that you've got two commercials that you get a set through their own hands. Remember to get here early next time she can watch these commercial pet I think they should take some of our money off their ticket if we are forced to watch commercials like. At home you understand it's free you know you don't have to pay for free TV because you're watching commercials well within the theater like for this I don't want to watch commercials. OK well there's a couple things for that first of all we've told you before that movie theaters rarely make any money off the movie I threw itself did make their money selling snacks and commercials and you think big change that. Well they can't because Hollywood is like weasel its we have our our movement and their review won't be played at all but the problem is then that people find which Peter does show letting go to apple and instead. Is someone will take it Lou that's how they are right now here's the other thing only you know is that it is showing at Hollywood why I'm so you can get tickets to Hollywood Swanee or. In. Anderson are sore Asheville Carolina Asheville. And that's the two closest places there's one in Charlotte as well in the royal wedding so we will have the royal wedding available for you to watch at Hollywood's whining. I mean now here's the thing you asked about how much yen to dollars and fifty cents in cash to save as a regular movie ticket I think and how long. Three hours and thirty minutes those days time as the Titanic. In receptions well. And journeyman. I know now I would hate isn't good enough that's the whole lives and Todd. I'll theater it's. I got you yeah.