Thursday, September 13th

Tom wants to cheer you up with a romantic comedy....that happened in real life.  Listen to his story..

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I want to cheer you up this morning with a romantic comedy. This is a romantic comedy that would make a great movie but it happened in real life. There's a guy named Carlos who goes to the University of Calgary and Alberta Canada. I don't know why it's not called the University of Alberta but it's not of the lake view into the University of Wisconsin in Idaho. Ha ha ha okay I mean that now listeners who are here and there was anyway he he goes to university there and he was out at a bar on campus when he met a girl named to call. Sounds like our second they'd update they hit it off that she accidentally typed your number into his phone wrong so whatever he tried to collar it was a wrong number. Yeah. Carlos was not gonna let this stop him. He found the student directory and sent a message to every Nick Cole. That had an email address listed in the school's student. Directory. Home. All 246. Ha ha and he did not blind carbon copy them he put. All. Of their emails in war and DA's list. So they all saw each other's responses. Pretty soon the Nicole's decided to remove this email address from the chain and they started chatted with the each other and they formed a group of Nicole's on campus and they're becoming friends. Which is cute now. But then the best part is one of those Nicole's. Knew the real Nicole that he was looking our prompt compound and she gave the message too that Nicole and now Carlos is going to get another date with the Nicole that he had the wrong phone number four. And the campus has a new group of Nicole's who were all friends. This is like of romantic comedy movie just made it happen yes dad starts off with a guy in the bar he meets the girl it's loud they type the number in the phone he gets home he calls and Dunn Warrick. He sends the emails out and that's where the movie kicks in because you have all these different little side stories of these Nicole's that are. Talking to each other he didn't know each other. And then they're also trying to find the real Nicole they finally get the real that goal and she's excited because she didn't mean to typed the wrong number in that she's gonna go out Carlos after all they go out together and then they try to. Headed Brian Reynolds plays yes guy ended up being Nicholas Sparks will write the book. One now and only to see the movie does not end. No we don't yet do we know as I said they didn't hit it off but we could change then they committed. You're confusing me that sucks is that any day. Yeah now. Or the site to meet at a certain place and they get it wrong and it's really not that place since and then this riot area that every place that sounds like that play. Or it could be a slasher movie and when they meet he takes are up into the woods and now the music. You know it's a romantic comedy come we've already established that I really can't change that slash they are seem romantic comedies become nightmares. Domestic audiences didn't like the original ending so we turned it into a slasher movie instead reading on higher level it will make it. Com romantic comedy. Thirteen. Exactly and urban sequels to this earn our turnover though we'll start off with a sequel never been done before parking lot. How how well. Yeah this they and a box doesn't look they're good this is I don't know.