Monday, July 9th

Do you get Road Rage?  One guy did, and you wouldn't believe what he did.  Listen to this latest podcast and find out..

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Data though is showing me a video and I don't know if he's gonna put it on our FaceBook page or not but it was. Very disturbing and very. Hard to watch because. It was a road rage video. And I don't know what caused this but this man was so angry at another driver that he'd gotten out of his car. Gone up to the window of this other person's car was yelling at them. Now that's not that unusual and that's not that disturbing but we're got disturbing is this guy started to get more and more upset. And as he got more and more upset he felt like he had to do something. So what he chose to do was walk around to the front of the car. And he faced the car as that there was a boxer in a boxing. He took the boxing stance his fist in the air. And then he proceeded to punch that car in the grip ball as hard as he could. Right right down left. The card didn't dodge any of the punches law and not a personal one line. Finally the person in the car started backing away and then drove off. This man even through his entire body at the car as a body slam at the end that Steve is. All I can think about was that he is probably is readying his fists. I mean you can't punish a park grill and not hurt your hands. How to land well he gets his car and drives off I don't know what caused this I don't know anything except the punched a car in the grill you was very angry. I'd have to hear about size of the stories because that other guy that I just made him really really mad but that day isn't really map shows to handle it a way that hurt himself. Yeah I'm like it did do you notice as he punches the Grail. He doesn't do it several times he does it wants and you know on his mind even though he's angry like them. I don't know I heard so I asked OO. So we didn't know it wants. You act surprised that people do that when they're angry that I know some people in this room. Who have pipeline walls and thrown I use arrow and are you end up doing when you lose self control like that is you hurry yourself. I think he did it when their car drove how do whale I'll. OK nothing doing punched him once he says. Flies well when you throw things in punched things it makes you feel better. Does because I am I not only talk on that part usually after I let it really feels bad. I just you know and then he runs up and run straight into the Grail. Which is kind of funny like that's gonna actually heard the talk at I remember road rage incident is on Woodruff road down a skillful town. By five fortunes are. And they guy gets out of his car freaks me out and I was behind these these two old people and you just saw the old man. He locked the door. Of his car and the guy screaming at him through the window. And that there is a lie that was about to change term wide and the guys seized eternal light runs back to his car might what did that accomplish. Well I mean the good thing about that as you probably scared that Manny may pooped in his pants it's kind of cool but this guy hurt his hands. OK bit what you accomplished well I just told you that. I don't think. Not people who self control I know that. It's not gonna sound that's true it's like you not go opening you know what I'm so angry at cut me off but. Remember what hawking Thomson the other day they ask tiger upload change no way threaten us to solve anything get out of your car an element an old man through the window a crack house hoping this would help. And you know there is so much road rage because the roads especially around the upstate have got gotten busier than any crazier EU that you blocking intersections on Woodruff road. You're driving in the left hand lane down 385 wood a lot of cars behind you because you don't care. Road rage is gotten crazy and I don't think the punches. Are calm out there side. I told you about that old lady is about 98 is result. And a blow you warned because she wouldn't go through the traffic lines I'm going to turn green she set there I blew the horn. And I'm like she blitzer art I'm going to blow it. And she sticks her him out the window for me. And here's how you could rate cut off of would you done should he got out whenever and punched your old or hidden I would have gone and trust her car as she did that to me to hit you with a cane I'm like are what did you do I was laughed off like I said. It. When I say like a young and old ladies night NEA. Shoot your bird how would've gotten had just imagining they Eddie wide. Ago out of these her yeah. Alone. I would now's your card I did that that video up on the Hawkins Tom and face the campaign is a video of a little lady flip me on nobody got that out the best pitches I should have been Roland I had to figure us cell phone. And videotape and it's under about thirty minutes to get your hand there breath now.