Monday, January 9th

Do you love getting revenge?  Apparently, it's good for you.  Tom will tell ya all the details..


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There are a lot of I guess sayings are little phrases about revenge. And most of them implied that revenge is a bad idea. That was revenge is sweet and sleep. Really yeah guys and that's horrible I've always her revenge is dish best served call that our they don't always know what that means they could sweep and I get a okay. Well yeah it's funny you say that because most people would try to convince you otherwise they would try to convince you that revenge is bad and you're not going to feel better afterward that's what the Bible says I don't know if it says that exactly. Like I for and I. I'm not a ho ha ha toward energy. My well. I don't know that most of the time and most people try to convince you it's not worth doing but they just did a study. And they found out that people really do feel better after they get rid of yes they did some different studies and their kind in the one of them is where people. Had written consent then and then they put together. This fake review of their writing that trashed it and they told them that this person did it. Then they gave him a voodoo doll and said you've if you went up OK you can at that this person and so most of them poked the two dollar and felt better afterwards and obviously that didn't really do any thing. But they and they did another study where they had people they were upset with and they were allowed to put a loud blast in their headphones if they wanted to. And almost every one of the people that were insulted. Did blast them in the head and said they felt better after they did it so for whatever reasons these two different groups of people they studied. Felt like revenge made them feel better after they did it they didn't feel guilty they didn't feel bad they actually felt better after they got revenge. When you talk about revenge like. You know if someone weren't in your car very eventually Harrison yeah yeah now it's feel better afterwards you really comes days over it I'm like he's like and he's thinking of a crafty way to get back you know got to watch out for him you know why I feel better I feel like it's even the karma back out I feel like up until I get revenge I have been taken advantage that I'm on the losing end. But once I get revenge I feel like that I have either even that out or made it to where they actually feel worse than I did the car. Isn't something he even announced karma is something that comes back the universe generally as I just aren't that bad gas not reliable. I have to be I have to help it. That that's not going to do any good it's not gonna change the way he you know the way he acts whatever unlike it will make me feel better to let him know how I bail justice it and let you know and haven't Donnie Yen and I'm just been thinking about it and that undoubtedly have a look at all the time you have wasted. As I tell ideas that he can do now have a meaning that you waste much time is it about this ravine usually go with your life and use them. Useful -- do it it's gonna make you feel that I feel like if I do and I won't waste of time thinking about exactly that is a difference between revenge and telling somebody really how you feel is there there's several areas now is gonna he's gonna unload on the guy had a nice videos that revenge is is planned and it's. Really like the I don't know it's bad Heidi has employees to get resistance as well and that that's a good thing I'm a think about that today. Yeah. Every day and and citadel hill have been useful time he could be doing something good for some I got nothing else to. It's funny you say that because they do say in this article that even though these people seek it out and they feel better there could be other ways that you could use yours your energy more productively okay like trying to channel your rage in a more productive outlets or taking a future dug deep breaths even swearing they say feels good. Well for me during the summertime I do yard work. And can I get angry at somebody out and I want it to get revenge and I go out and I just cut grass want to get both his neighbors should. I did sand mine and my neighbors when you see Qaeda as you are looking really good as he was wanted to get this day I. Dead somebody sit there and hit it fat.