Tuesday, May 15th

Do you hate to hit a pothole while driving?  Well, there's an app that will help with that....Hawk has the info..


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Heavy hitting any big pot holes lately here that name. Does it count that my wife drove over a Colbert and blew out her tired it does not him it's kinda like iPod iPhone and dolls nights are designed potholes are not design they just happen overtime and before you know that your car falls and then you've lost forever okay the big hole yet as I never hit a pothole one time and it broke the brackets picked up my motoring full volume of announced motor and then. They had to replace like. Those that's I think all there are. And and has memorial started my whole car started shaken after a hit upon a one model now my car was old. New surveillance meaning to fill upon all of us all want. The other day and it was more so down towards you guys downtown. Insulin just thrown a mattress and I. The softer the cross all right it. We have to sleep numbers on number of all I feel and number negative side dish or cup personally number. The Oakland. Well a lot of cities that now are designing apps they've developed apps that let your car automatically the tank. And report the location of pot holes that's impressive we have an app where you can report it but. There have app that automatic exactly yeah report suggests that for us on I'm thinking and then like the just turn your apple on as you drive to work or take your kids you'll. And obviously hit a pothole and it takes right in OK that had to be upon you probably you know next time out alien. Yeah there are fewer locations services are always on that happened we just do it automatically and we think yeah. I. I find problems to be not only the pot holes but the manhole covers. Some towns are sunk in OK you hit those and it feels like a pothole is soft shot that there's one right here from our shots agreeing reds. Odd that Raoul you employ straddle yeah so few Simi swerving on with your friend I'm straddling a file. My question to like if we have a law that requires cars to be road worthy. How come we don't have a law requiring roads to be car worthy. Technically we don't have a law that requires our cars to the river they really well some people have inspections every year Durango I'm glad I doubt that's true posited in cities and have a minute's just a boondoggle someone gets really rich and they've barely do the job. That the normally and then to have it in Tennessee we asked bill you drive through it like it's like a car one adding an and they stick something not your car's tail I'll. Carter like that I had that was emissions testing a but they did do a little bit of inspecting your undercarriage as well does that electric car or prod colleges to exam. Well it's more like prostate exams they via yes. But yet that because your general doctor does that by its sister that's true but that's how like a prostate checked for your car sound like carnac colleges. If you OK his girlfriend Donna Kelly yeah. In the current account. But that's about a half hour undercarriage and an out and I don't think is as. Yeah sounds very familiar native put jump on that big tall stare at the end and well you know. Any F flashing lights and they check your bankers who harbors okay. Well I know that. They found something in your car's tailpipe it would probably have to like. Drink some kind of special liquids the day before you know any needed to for examine. That there he's clear at all how. And so I heard that those side headlight. Exams are painful to you right now. Now on land. Yeah what. Al hunt but I'm not. I thought it was smashed in between two plates. That. That's where the undercarriage is actually the guys are meant to get their headlights chase. Rye would you ever I know we don't have to do ID sometimes look at film he. Thanks anyway. Indicated that I would love to see this come to the upstate man think he spontaneity I mean as long as it's not also detect in step that you don't want to has to be like oh look Kato is odd that so once two day Annie came home and what was he by and therein. They deal track a lot of stuff they do that. Mine an eagle and a Wal-Mart and it went well Wal-Mart again maybe it's going to convenience store babies didn't fear. That drunk late at night is an alcohol problem they'd do a count this death I give it to them I'm sure. I started I started night didn't panic. I felt as well as a pop thank for bringing out there and and I.