Friday, July 20th

There's a new trend that gets the ladies free drinks.  Listen to this podcast and let us know if you agree with this trend....or is it all kinds of wrong..

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There's a big thing on our. But the rumor is that they may have already been engaged and they just did this to get up on stage and to meet. Mac or more in cash and is kind of like a re enactments. Had this been on a lot of people getting engaged at concerts trying to get the artist attention or hard I think it's just it's just a new fad. I would do it if I could mean ground Mars. Like I've I've. Eight in anybody in the audience I think I'm getting gates Heidi would get engaged to brittle march. Really that I would be the ultimate thing today I'm sure your boyfriend is happy to hear about well us. I agree with me. I'd just add. How are well if that's your kind of staying coming up with a scam to you you know get something for freer to get treated special. Here is one that I found out about someone that I know and I'm not gonna call them out on this out. But they are single and they do a lot of clubbing and it's a girl and she has other girlfriends and she keeps in her car. A birthday sash. This is like. You know college yeah. Yeah like birthday. I'm Dave will take that out and a different girl war where it when they go out downtown. Or two bars or whatever and they say they get free drinks on it and go from bar to bar and as long as it's not the same girl every time. Then they all get free goodies and they didn't go to one bargain a free drink leave go to another when they come in with a entourage you know birthday girl and they get free drinks. I have got to do this Obama poker nights with the boys you do Nash it's his birth bigger driver yeah. All eyes were described anywhere in it I think you guys will definitely give more than just free drinks you get free staters do well okay that. It. Right because they the united dishonest person. I I never thought about this in the yard dishonest person you just never thought of that yes I better that she's made herself for not thinking about it. Decree on to a hot hot hot hot. I think he can pretend like you getting married. And you could switch acted that way you did like when you've everyone's had a birthday. Then you can go get everyone engaged yet of the guys are not gonna buy engaged girl Jennings like they would the birthday girl through is it dies or is obvious that all the establishments and melodic have a lot of cases they were actually ages you know like by around for the birthday party and I should tomorrow's tie and think it cake. Yeah free dessert the problem is if you get a five different places indicate UA going to be able to get out there today. That angle that's a scam that's not nice the snow and it's a scale of its cake but it's fine if history is now it's not nice anyway it's a game. Now have you ever ball though birthday girl are the bride a drink if you've got as costing them a lot downtown rise the girls there although not as a guy and I now. You know it is a girl yeah as a girl ended a couple times. But not as again I don't think unless I might have been an inch in some on else in the party. That's you know. Zion yeah there's a hot girlfriend or something like oh okay Alba her. Well ride it like you know cadets bridesmaid has good different than any time our. I know I good looking girls drinks all the time the reason being is there's more action or more. This stuff going on with these clusters of girls coming in that our birthday Euro. Well this is more of a party like he now. Advocates say they go when the book the club Caesar the place sees that they have this birthday ground and so that's like an excuse Gillis get around for the birthday group. And then they go to another place and they do that again so if you think about it first of all you can do it once a year. I mean it well that would just turn your birthday and at a time. Yeah it happened but then you also that did you group of people say you rotate the sash around. But what happens when the announcer of the bartenders to learning communities here ID hole. Obviously you go. Tell friends and why it took its. Half cocked. That would be an awkward but at least that he wouldn't get thrown out you're not you're you're a liar you get a birthday spanking. I think on how it's still there. I.