Thursday, June 21st

A father and his son was out playing Pokemon Go, and was a little to invested in their game.  Why?  Listen up and find out why both of them were arrested..

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When I first saw this news story had a double check and make sure it wasn't from joining sixteen now. Because it sounded like something we would have heard of two years ago. But apparently people are still playing Pokemon go away and they're taking it very seriously. There is a very sad situation that happened for Father's Day this year. Father and his son were up playing Pokemon go at a park in Missouri. Now I've probably should clarify this for you because you might be thinking father and son father stayed the dad might be in his thirties or forties in the size you know anywhere from eight to fourteen little kid. But that's not the case this was 71 year old father and his 31 year old son but there's still haven't father son time we talked thanks grain and I agree Qaeda that would be great if they had captain legal. But fortunately. While they were playing Pokemon go at a parking Kirkwood Missouri they got into an argument with another guy who was playing and they got into a fight over whether or not the father and son were cheating and stealing his gym away from him. Apparently by teaming up together they were kicking this guy out of his GM and he had had that GM and he was very upset about it. So they got into a test at one point apparently a water bottle was thrown. And when that happened the father and son attacked. Disposed to throw pokey ball's not water bottles that's correct. I'm doing it wrong and apparently the 71 year old dad held this guy down while his 31 year old son punched a bunch of times. And they didn't realize that someone was videotaping the whole thing. So. They ended up being charged with assault for this and they're both in jail right now. While. This other guy I guess is out there defending his gym now. Can you imagine. Being in jail. In the sale Bradley junior for that the plane Pokemon go. Doesn't sound as tough that way does you're gonna get beat up yeah. Brooke is. A little pokey. Tray out. Well they say that the victim suffered cuts to his face a traumatic I injury in a broken finger that's pretty extreme you're over a fight. On Pokemon go you would think that someone playing Pokemon go would be a little more gentler and it's Mina just. Just a kinder cell that would modify. Thinking go to a place like that it should be a pokey party it's not a crime. Brawl yeah dry ice to take my kids play Pokemon go and we would find a spot that had a lot of jams. And so the kids would sit down on apartments in they would talk to the other kids that were play and it'd ask what team they were on but no one ever threw punches. As only Jim Thompson attended. The past ten years day but it's I found out they were called gyms are quick player. But you know that's that's just his redneck as those parents at that you softball tournament. Getting into five that was pretty funny it was fun to watch but come on your redneck if you're biding your kids solve all game as written X-Men. But I mean Pete passion over these things probably using bombs and you know. Like job in the football games. And moms out there yellen that the referee in. The people around that are just there and look in energy use and make it you can't what's going on that day and well you got these days she wasn't redneck lady I'm talking about a half happy Qaeda. And I'm out there. Instinct that comes out then Asher and also with the Pokemon steps you've got the it's disrespect it's not so much about the Pokemon as it is that you feel you've been disrespect it's on now so that's what people they transfer it's not just a pokey ball anymore it's disrespect. But they say that there really bad thing about this is that injuries he suffered are going to hurt his Pokemon game because he broke a finger at. I newsroom. I coordination is the biggest thing for a player and now I. First season at half staff. They're gonna have to mean I guess put him on the injured reserve list. Thanks Jim. Yeah it is sad and we certainly don't condone anything like that if you feel like you need to kill or hurt people play for and I.