Wednesday, October 11th

Do you like to pop pimples?  Yea, we just asked you that.  Tom loves it, can can't understand why the rest of the crew does not.  Listen up and find out why..


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Hawk just got mad at me he glanced up at the computer here in the studio. And I was researching and articles he talked about on the shelf your disgusting. It is an interesting article about pimples. And so the main picture using guy hold in the big old temple on his chin and looks like he's about to squeeze in pockets why. Why. Why were you looking nada because it is in the news today and it's a rather interesting story our way toward today pimples. That I study to find out why we like popping temple solve them weeds down my game we don't like it. Yahoo! guy here talking right now the beautiful people. The people who never really had pimples to pop anyway my. Do you know and Tom said and he does. Businesses they basically say and I don't I don't get pimples at all. And he's like don't want to discuss you and I'm like disgust me when I have my own pupils I didn't get a pimple ever want to laugh exactly people like you. I mean those of us who are normal hey you. Because whenever you sit there you go I can pimple every once in awhile and you think you're in the same class as those of us who have had acne and really know what the pain is like to live with you we don't even it's it's just it's insulting. I just always learned you don't touch them well and so I definitely. Jule Phillips and dermatologist at the box live that out what it does it make it a dermatologist will give you. And this morning on charges of tomorrow a camp I don't Heidi citing email me that well yeah. I mean I thought as a lose my nose when time because I had one cent. You know it's it's tough for people that back I cannot imagine. You're right you can't because I did I have scarring still on my face from the agony I had when I was a teenager on obviously patties with a beautiful people she schedules of their time just appointments of top samples should not a problem ride down when I was in high school I went from being in this moderately average kid he didn't really have any problems with the you know friends and and brilliant things like oh that. All of a sudden I was like a pizza face. I don't even blame the girls for not want to go out with me I mean I look at the old pictures and I'm like I can understand why that ups you know it's not pleasant whenever it's happen. But they did a study to find out why it is that we go to web sites like doctor pimple Popper on YouTube. And why people seem drawn to like popping other people's pimples are popping their own pimples and you don't know that we Yunnan yeah because it's not all of us like to do that. I don't believe I said we I said why people like to do that I was is that why we UNT while we like to go and do that in the us they don't include some people why. Two people tee path. Let me tell you why I keep. The reason they did it is the same aim thrill that they get when they pop a pimple or watch someone pop a pimple is the thrill of riding the rollercoaster. Yeah now bearing out now this gives me some great ideas for what you could do it theme park now. Pop them you could have a roller coaster that was the temple rollercoaster and you would go up and down giant. Pimples. And ride them like dialogue excellent use them heard the splash. It's. And so here's what they say in this study done Daniel Kelly is a professor at Purdue university in Indiana and he studied why we're so drawn to disgusting things like popping pimples and he says. Popping up temple is the same kind of thrilled that people get from riding a roller coaster or bungee jumping it activates. A signal in your brain that typically comes along with the real danger that's because we've been wired. To be afraid more disgusted by this sort of thing to help keep us from spreading disease or making ourselves ill. You know I have watched as before. And we usually when someone says commuter watched this evening. And it's almost like I am sitting on the edge of my seat can they really don't wanna watch it and it makes me nervous like what's gonna happen in the next moment I'll note. All of little little bodies are still in the air. And I just I I think how people could feel pain. Yes he says basically our brains are wired to get a certain thrill out of dangerous things and popping a pimple gives that same instant gratification without actually putting our lives in real danger but we still get kind of the little you know dope means. I don't like holes in skin and in a while back there was a picture going around social media of a woman's skin and had like. These holes and ended up being up some flour that they write days Photoshop it and it's still a gross me out that I had nightmares. About those holes and that woman skin. Some come here in the snow. Discuss I just felt like that I will say this that we when the arm of younger and you're having trouble in your mom's like on him IPO with one they need him like a seatbelt strength to keep it at that because. You know your mom's getting her fingernails. You know banana and hurt so bad feeling your play your arms. Yes he's. He doesn't we yeah. Yeah.